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About – Hippo.co.za

Hippo.co.za provides cutting edge technology to clients in South Africa, looking for a search engine to simplify their search into an efficient and affordable solution.

Our services are totally free to our clients.

We access and narrow down the search to make life easier for our customers and can help you find the best car insurance, medical aid, life cover and pretty much any cover you can think of.

We use our experience to find the most competitive pricing modules available in the industry and offer them to our clients, so they can get an insurance option that is not only in line with affordability, but also targets specific areas of their lives that need cover.

A Simple Three-Step Process

They choose which kind of insurance they need (car, home, business, personal, life), complete their details onto our online insurance application form, submit and compare the quotes from a range of providers within their specifications.

Its quick, easy and free to use. Now there is an easier way to source the insurance option you want – through Hippo!

Services – Hippo.co.za

Hippo.co.za offers building and household contents insurance for clients who either own their own homes, or are renting a property.

No matter what your living arrangements may be, Hippo provides insurance to cover your valuables, for times that may bring a damper to your life.

Covered for all Possibilities

Our home contents insurance options cover you for fire, flood, damages from weather, theft, and power surges that cause damages to your appliances and technology.

This is to name a few of the benefits included in your home contents cover. Home insurance as a whole, covers your building as well as the contents.

Covering all your Needs

Building insurance is for home owners, to ensure if there is damage to your actual building such as damages of doors and windows from a burglary or a fire burns down the structure, you are insured for the amount or value of your home.

Hippo supports all your needs when it comes to home insurance. We will find you the top insurance quotes and you can then choose a solution that fits you best.

Summary of Services

  • Renters Insurance Quotes
  • Tenant Insurance Quotes 
  • Personal Insurance Quotes

Hippo.co.za will Help you Find the Building Insurance you Need

Getting insured can be a tedious process, trying to find a reputable insurance partner isn’t always easy. Hippo.co.za, are your convenient way to insure your property and home contents. 

Hippo makes the entire process quicker and more efficient to allow you to seek through the list and lists of providers in the market, to find your perfect match.

Get a Quick Quote Online

We allow our clients to get quick insurance quotations online in minutes. By simply visiting the product category on our webpage, you can access a quote that meets your requirements.

Clients can fill in the form provided on the platform online, and click on GET QUOTES. You will be transferred through to the next stage of the quotation process and can carry on if you choose to.

Find Insurance at the Best Rates

We will provide you with the best rates according to your search requirements. You can then review the quotations and the benefits lists by preferred suppliers, and choose the option that suits you best by clicking IM INTERESTED.

We'll get Back to you in no Time

Within a few hours, you will receive a call from a consultant who will go through the application with you, to ensure your insurance cover is secured and ready to cover your building and home contents. When choosing to get your property, car or health insurance quotes through Hippo, you immediately save time and money.

Save Time and Source the Best

You save time on having to source the right insurance partners yourself. By doing all the searching on the internet and phone directory, you could spend hours and days of your own personal time, and you probably won’t get to the price options or value adds that we can get for you.

Long term, this is how you save money.

Because our preferred building and home contents cover providers rely on us to find them clients, they offer our site the best possible rates which aren’t always accessible to the public if going direct. 

Because our platform is all done online, you can access this service whenever you like day or night. You don’t even have to leave your home or office, all you need is internet connection, and let the search begin.

Let Hippo find the insurance partner you can rely on for the quality service and price bracket you are looking for.

 Contact Details

Auto & General Park, 1 Telesure Lane, Riverglen, Dainfern, Gauteng, 2191, South Africa
Ph: 086 100 7371 / 0860 10 59 68
Fx: (011) 489 4125
Em: info@hippo.co.za

 Postal Address

PO Box 11 250, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

 Opening Hours

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