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About – Standard Bank

Standard Bank offers affordable financial services and credit life insurance options that every family can budget for. We have 150 years of experience in the industry.

This knowledge is used wisely to help our clients to find the right fit in an insurance option to suit their needs and their pockets.

Passion that Moves

We have a passion for helping people, and with our expert advice and our top of the market products, our clients always get the best out of what we present to them.

We have thousands of long term clients, who have invested every stage of their lives with us.

Taking Care of You

From loans, to life insurance, we offer all the financial means you could possibly need. Standard Bank has a well maintained reputation in South Africa, for our quality service and our ability to keep you moving forward.

We take care of our clients in the present and in the future. Standard Bank will cover your credit for those times when you can’t.

Services – Standard Bank

Standard Bank offer convenient, fast and reliable credit insurance options that will add relief to your life. The question we often overlook is what would happen if I no longer earned an income?

What if I were to Pass Away Tomorrow?

Who would pay off my debts? It becomes a matter of responsibility to ensure that whatever debts we have, are covered with credit insurance, for times such as these.

Standard Bank provides our clients with life cover that will cover your loans, credit cards and any other debts you may have with us.

Affordable Premiums 

We provide low premiums to ensure your family isn’t left in a flood of repayments which they cannot afford should you pass away.

We also offer a salary protection which will pay out a specific amount over a certain time frame, should you become ill, retrenched or unable to work. We have a credit insurance solution for everyone.

Summary of Services

  • Funeral Insurance
  • Accident Cover 
  • Life Policy 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Life Cover
  • Credit Life 
  • Funeral Service 
  • Credit Life Insurance

Standard Bank Credit Life Insurance - Cover to Protect you Financially

Standard Bank offers all South Africans the convenience of applying for their credit insurance cover through our unique seamless processes. Clients can get their applications completed over the phone, via email, online or through a consultant.

A Quick & Simple Process

Stand Bank has branches throughout south Africa, and conveniently situated in the main metropolitan areas which is accessible to clients. Our process is quick and simple, and we also offer a number of little added extras which are included in the process.

Tests on your Terms

Within 90 days of your application, our clients are given free access to blood tests from a medical nurse who will come to you.  Once you have your cover in place, we will also give you the option to increase your cover whenever you like.

Flexible Solutions

This goes to show just how flexible our credit insurance solutions are. Our credit insurance options cover clients for serious illnesses, salary protection, disability and death.

Should you need to claim for such times in your life, Standard Bank will provide a pay-out up to the amount of R5 000 000 tax free to cover your debts and outstanding balances.

Up to R2 Million in Cover

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness which prevents you from working and earning the salary that you are used to getting, to pay your monthly bills, we will cover you  up to the amount of R2 000 000, tax free.

During your application, we will do a full assessment on what outstanding debts you have, and what amount of cover you will need.

Working with your Budget and Needs

This will play a part of what your premium amounts will be. We will discuss these options with you, and work around what your budget can afford, and still allow you to be covered for times such as these.

When we provide a service, we make sure that whatever it is, our clients can get the quality they deserve, and value for money. Get an insurance quote online today and find out how much cover we can offer you.

Our clients always get out more than what they put into their cover, that’s our surety that we provide a value that is unbeatable.

From application to pay out, we ensure a smooth process, with a skilled and experienced consultant team on hand to guide you through ever step.

 Contact Details

Heerengracht St, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Ph: 021 401 2311 / 0860 123 555

 Postal Address

PO Box 7725, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 09:00 – 15:30
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