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About – Santam - Dental Practitioners Insurance

Santam provides South Africans with unique Dental Practitioners Insurance. We are all about adding value to our client’s lives in every service delivery we provide.

When it comes to dental insurance, there is no exception to our value added services.

Convenient, Efficient and Affordable Services

With quality processes which keep us providing our clients with convenient, efficient and affordable services, we continue to provide that one of a kind delivery on our client’s expectations.

With insurance being one of our core professions, we have been assisting clients in the country since 1918, which makes us rather qualified to help you with whatever your needs may be.

We've Earned SA's Trust

With over 22% market share in the insurance industry, we have earned the trust of thousands of happy and satisfied customers, who insure through Santam be it dental or term life insurance.

We openly communicate constantly with our clients, keeping them in the loop of any updated and recommended financial, products that we think will add value to their lives.

Services – Santam - Dental Practitioners Insurance

Santam Dental Practitioners Insurance proves once again, that there is affordable and easily obtained insurance for South African Clients, with our Dental Insurance cover.

Meeting the Needs of All South Africans

Santam have taken extraordinary measures in research and a mix of clients’ needs and added them into a suitable, efficiently designed dental cover package, which reaches every market of the country.

With option that attends to the need of singletons, families and larger households, we have the cover which is in line with your budget and your dental requirements.

Discuss your Options with us

Clients can choose from our options available and discuss their online insurance application with one of our skilled and experienced consultants when they decide to take out this valuable cover.

Whatever you spend at the dentist, can be easily claimed back through your claim submission, and allow for quick turnaround times on your reimbursement.

Getting dental care has never been easier or more affordable with Santam Dental Insurance.

Summary of Services

  • Dental Cover 
  • Dental Insurance
  • Insurance For Teeth 
  • Hospital Cover
  • Medical Policy

Santam Provides Dental Cover Packages to Suit your Smile

Santam Dental Practitioners Insurance is there for South African clients to get the most out of their dental needs, and get covered for what they spend at the dentist.

When you are trying to decide what health insurance covers to take that will benefit your family, dental insurance should be right at the top of your list.

Dentist Visits are Expensive

If you take into account how many times you have had to visit your dentist, or how often your children need to get a check-up, fillings, even specialised dental procedures, the costs accumulated go far beyond your expectations.

The smart choice is to have insurance for those times, to get your money back once you have paid.

A Simple Application Process

At Santam, we make the application process simple, by contacting one of our experienced consultants, we will run through the entire application with you, and discuss what premium options would best suit your budget an your family size.

We will explain the different covers each option will provide to you, as well as what preferred dentist networks are covered under the terms of our policy.

Because we have a preferred dentist network throughout the country, finding a dentist to meet your needs and your location shouldn’t be difficult.

Santam are all about making life easier and affordable, while keeping you and your family healthy.

Covering what Medical Aid Won't

Why should you have to be out of pocket every time you need to visit the dentist? Is your medical aid only covering a portion of your dental work? Get an online insurance quote from us today and say goodbye to those heavy medical bills.

Now you can claim back what cash you have had to pay out to your dentist, to get your smile shiny bright. Our claiming process is just as easy as every other process we apply.

Our Claims Process

Simply submit the invoice from your dentist, showing the required ICD codes, the dentist registration and details of the practice, the procedure codes of your treatment and your membership details (including the patient’s details).

Once we have received your claim, we will reimburse you as soon as possible, straight into your bank account. Get your dental insurance cover today, and don’t waste any more time worrying about how you will afford that perfect smile.

 Contact Details

Sportica Cres, Bellville Park, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa
Ph: 021 915 7000 / 0860 505 911
Fx: 021 915 8179

 Postal Address

PO Box 3881, Tygervalley, 7536, South Africa

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