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image of The South African Dental Association
image of The South African Dental Association

About – The South African Dental Association

The South African Dental Association provides awareness and assistance to South Africans in the form of oral hygiene and dental treatment through dental cover.

We believe that all clients in the country deserve the financial support to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which also includes healthy mouths.

Your most Valuable Asset

You teeth are the first thing people see when you smile, taking care of them can mean you will need regular check-up and often a bit of treatment from your dental practitioner.

Don't be Left without Sufficient Cover

These visits can be quite costly, especially if you need to involve your entire family in this process. Medical aids provide only a certain percentage towards dental cover.

Majority of customers we assist have no dental cover at all.

Having dental insurance in place will provide a financial platform to fall back on, to ensure you never miss out on a check-up or suffer from excruciating tooth pain ever again.

Services – The South African Dental Association

The South African Dental Association engage in the wellbeing of clients in the country needing dental hygiene and medical care through dental insurance which is created in line with the needs of the South African market.

An Experienced Approach

Through our products, and options, we provide an experienced approach to providing cover which works in line with preferred listed dental practitioners in South Africa.

We take a look at the potential gaps in dental cover, where medical aids and other health plans miss the mark on covering treatment to a certain percentage and no more.

You Deserve to be Covered

Our clients receive a plan which allows full cover on accounts paid to dental surgeries and practices and we offer online insurance quotes to make getting it easy.

We believe you deserve to be covered, and we will provide all the tools, information and guidance you need to fulfil your dental requirements.

Now you and your family can afford a perfect smile, with lower premiums with dental and medical cover that matters.

Summary of Services

  • Dental Cover 
  • Dental Insurance
  • Insurance For Teeth 
  • Hospital Cover
  • Medical Policy

Get Dental Insurance Today that will Save your Teeth Later

The South African Dental Association provides a dental cover to reimburse those expenses that you pay on your dental treatments. We will take you through the entire process of application and discuss the methods, premiums, terms and aspects of your cover in detail.

Highly Trained Consultants

Our consultants are highly trained in the dental industry and will advise on what options would suit you and your family best, in accordance to how often you visit the dentist and what would best fit within your budget.

Already have Medical Aid?

Even clients, who belong to a medical aid scheme, can cover the shortfall on your dentistry and claim back from us directly.

As we have come to realise in the dentistry environment, the costs involved in dental procedures often outweigh your medical aid cover, as allocated annually to you.

This is when our dental insurance cover becomes extremely beneficial to those costs which you didn’t expect.

All accounts which you have paid directly to your practitioner will be able to be claimed back through your dental insurance policy.

Claiming on your Dental Insurance

All claims submitted to us need to include the dental practitioner details and practice numbers. We need the specific ICD codes for the procedures which have occurred.

You will receive a membership number, which will need to appear on the invoice as well as the details of the patient.

Catering to the Needs of Fellow South Africans

We will go through an efficient claiming process, to ensure you are paid back your spent amount in a timeous fashion, to ensure that any cash spent will be back in your bank account as soon as possible.

Because we are a South African firm, we cater for all south Africans who need to take care of their dental needs.

Don't Take a Healthy Smile for Granted

We often take for granted our need to visit the dentist on a regular basis, and put off that niggling pain for another day, until it get to the point where major treatment is needed.

This is often because of the costs involved, and without having that factor of being paid back for that deters us from getting the treatment we need.

However, getting dental insurance will alleviate that thought, and push you into getting that smile back, with healthy teeth! Get an online insurance quote for dental cover from us today and feel the weight life off of your shoulders.

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Ph: 011 484 5288 / 086 011 0725
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