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Dancing Danny funeral insurance services comprise of experienced staff with a passion for helping people through the toughest times in their lives.

We have many years behind our journey to becoming one of the top listed insurance companies in South Africa.

Support when it's Needed Most

We provide a full funeral policy service to our clients, ensuring that during a tragic time, when you don’t have the strength or the time to deal with the loss of a loved one, we are there to assist you with the necessary arrangements and costs of the funeral.

Keeping you Updated

We keep our clients updated with regular news, valuable guidance and newsletters to provide necessary information you and your family need to secure a healthy and stable future.

Full Coverage in One

Having good funeral insurance in place can save you thousands of Rands and if you dont have life insurance in place is of the utmost importance.

Funerals include a list of things that need to be done and also paid for. This can all be covered in your funeral plan.

At Dancing Danny, we can offer packages to suit your family size, your ideal requirements and your budget.

Services – Dancing Danny

Dancing Danny Funeral Insurance provides a security life line for clients in South Africa, wanting to provide cover for them and their family in the event of their unfortunate death. Just like car or medical insurance, funeral Cover is one of those necessary must haves in life.

Choose an Option that Suits you

They cost a minimal premium each month, and can save you a lot of money long term when that day does arrive. Our clients get to choose the options that suit them, depending on how many family members you wish to cover.

Peace of Mind Matters

Knowing that your funeral will be taken care of can be a relieving factor in your life. Funerals can be extremely costly, as they involve catering, tombstones, hiring of furniture and equipment and may also involve vehicle hire.

With Dancing Danny Insurance, you can have majority of this expense covered through your funeral insurance cover.

Cover for the Whole Family

This will alleviate a lot of pressure when you need to concentrate more on family and the mourning of a loved one, rather than trying to figure out how to get the cash to pay for everything. We also offer funeral plans to cover your entire family, at a premium everyone can afford. 

Summary of Services

Your Partner through the Tough Times in Life

You can easily get a hassle free insurance quote online through our easy to use website. In fact, we do all our business online, so you don’t need to make appointments, waste time in traffic, or try to find the time in your busy schedule to secure your families future.

An Easy Funeral Cover Application Online

We can provide all your funeral cover needs through one easy online application, making the entire process, quick and easy. No medical examinations, no appointments no breaking your bank account. Let Dancing Danny cover you today. We also offer life cover for those who want to ensure any loss of income will be covered for their families. 

The Last Thing they Need to Worry About

It is in no way easy to lose a loved one. While you are in mourning, you must be reflecting and remembering all the things that made that person so unique. You need time to heal and deal with your emotions; spend time coming to terms with your loss.

The last thing you need at that moment, is worrying about the financial burdens that you are left with, as well as having to organise your loved ones funeral.  By making preparations now and making a small month-to-month instalment into a funeral plan, you could spare yourself and your relatives the stress and hassles of trying to organise a dignified funeral.

The Cost of a Funeral

With the price of a funerals ranging in the bracket of R7 000 and R30 000, funeral coverage from an insurance cover just makes perfect sense. The death of your loved one may not always be an event you expecting, so having that cash on hand isn’t natural.

Expenses to Consider

You still have to consider catering, pamphlets, flowers, caskets, and more. Dancing Danny provides an easy process to apply and get covered in minutes. With all our applications and claims done through an online platform, clients can get the cover they need for the entire family today, to cater for these times in the future.

Affordable Insurance Premiums

Our premiums are affordable and can be deducted off your account through debit order on a monthly basis. You can cover your spouse, children and extended family members all under one policy at a low premium. Be prepared for the worst in life, and make sure the financial aspect of your funeral is already taken care of today.

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