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About – Dial Direct

Dial Direct have years of experience in the insurance industry dating as far back as 2003.

We Listen

The difference in our services is our ability to listen to what our customer want, and come up with a solution that meets their individual needs when it comes to the contents insurance that they require.

Considering your Needs

We look at their budget, their family needs and what will work for them. We work with our clients through open communication and transparency, to provide a partnership that adds value and not just a service.

Improving on our Services

We continuously drive new and improved enhanced insurance cover options and technology platforms to make processes and life in general as a client easier for our customers.

Channels of communication, platforms to get applications and claims through fast, and a help line available to clients whenever they need to speak to us.

We are the insurance firm of choice when you need a quality service provider for everything from mortgage insurance to business insurance.

Services – Dial Direct

At Dial Direct, we are committed to providing a service to our South African market that offers the benefits you would expect from a top branded insurance company.

Making Sure you don't Lose Out

When you look for insurance, you want to be covered for those times when things go wrong, but you don’t want to lose out in the process.

We find this happens if clients are under insured, or not getting the cover that is right for their profile.

We eliminate these factors, and deliver home contents insurance cover, that is specially designed to cover your tailored requirements every time.

Are you Renting?

For clients who are renting premises, we understand that you need to be insured for all your valuable items and home contents that you have since building insurance typically covers only the landlord for loss or damage.

We provide our customers with a personal approach to their insurance needs, and always ensure you are never underinsured or lose out on a claim, in fact, we offer our clients more than what they put in.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance
  • Home Contents Insurance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Caravan Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Golf Cart Insurance
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • Portable Possessions
  • Business Insurance
  • Value Added Products
  • Personal Loans

Dial Direct Attends to your Home Contents Insurance through Processes you can Rely on

Dial Direct insures you as a renter or homeowner for everything in your premises in terms of your home contents and valuable items.

We can insure your home contents, technology, jewellery, and other valuables. Everything you literally bring into your rented home can be insured.

How much Insurance Should you Get?

Clients should make a list of everything they own with value attached to it, add up the total, and this is what you can request as home contents cover.

It’s better not to under insure, as should you need to claim, you will fall short on what the value the items are worth.

Going Above and Beyond

We go above and beyond to ensure whatever you own of value is protected. Just because you are renting, you should never assume that you have home contents insurance as provided by your landlord.

The landlord is only responsible for insuring the actual building and perhaps having mortgage insurance in palce; you are responsible for your own personal effects.

We will Guide you Through

If you are unsure of what to do to get your insurance cover processed, we will guide you from beginning to end, to ensure that you are covered. Should you be moving to a new premise, we will ensure that wherever to move to, your insurance cover is still in place.

Need More or Less Cover?

If you need to update and amend your cover amount, we provide clients with an annual review on their insurance cover, giving you the ability to increase or decrease the value and the premiums accordingly. If you need an online insurance quote you can also visit our website at any time.

Your Home Contents Insurance Covers:

  • Damage of insured items from fire or extreme weather conditions including flooding
  • Break-in or theft of your valuables
  • Lightning which could cause fire
  • Power surges (your TV and laptops could suffer from this)

Paying your Premiums

Your home contents insurance policy can be paid in monthly premiums, which are affordable to every income earner.

We will gladly set up a debit order for your monthly instalments, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your premiums will automatically be deducted on time each month.

This alleviates defaults in payments, and keeps you covered for good. Get covered today with Dial Direct, we have all the insurance options you need to protect your valuables and more.

 Contact Details

1, Telesure Ln , Dainfern, Johannesburg, 2191, South Africa
Ph: 086 100 7201 / 0860 10 44 77
Em: onlinesupport@dialdirect.co.za
Em: support@dialdirect.co.za

 Opening Hours

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