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About – Standard Bank

Standard Bank have over 150 years in the financial services industry, providing clients in the country with all their financial, banking and insurance services to make life easier for them.

We offer reliable solutions, for whatever you need, be it banking solutions or an insurance that meets your needs.

A Reputable Name

With a reputable name in the industry, it’s no wonder we have one of the largest client bases in the country.

We have a footprint of service delivery over more than 18 countries around the globe, using best practice philosophies to keep consistency and transparency in our services, our clients know what they getting when they see the Standard Bank name.

A Strong Team

We rely on a strong team of individuals in every corner of the country, to service clients with the highest level of quality and confidence.

Customers looking for an insurance company of choice for their home contents insurance needs can rely on Standard Bank for the service options they deserve.

Services – Standard Bank

Standard Bank relies on our expertise, our convenience and our stature in the industry to bring out the abilities in our services to our clients.

Unmatched Solutions

We know we can provide a solution for your every need. We know we are highly competitive in the market, and we know our services options are unmatched in every aspect.

Our clients know exactly what they sign up for with every stop they go through in partnership with us. We are extremely transparent, making home contents cover instructions and fee or premiums clear from day one.

Developing Trust

We create a trust between ourselves and our clients, and when it comes to life, home and car insurance options that suit your needs, we will have you spoilt for choice.

We insure clients for car, home, business, and life and rental purposes. Whatever your insurance need, you know you're getting the protection you need to assist you financially with whatever comes your way.

Summary of Services

  • Car & home insurance
  • Funeral insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Life insurance

Get the Cover you Need to Protect your Valuables

Standard Bank has many years of experience in providing clients with the insurance cover they need for their valuables.

We have taken a broader look into content insurance for homeowners, and have come up with a cover that also includes those who are renting a home or flat.

Not a Home Owner?

We thought that even if you don’t officially own the property or building, why you shouldn’t be able to claim for your home contents should they be stolen or damaged.

So we now offer clients a home contents insurance option, which covers them in two scenarios.

For Tenants and Landlords

Renters get covered for valuables and home contents and landlords get covered for damage to their building in the form of building or property insurance.

With today’s economy being the way it is, and buying a home is not always an option, we understand that majority of the population in South Africa are renting homes.

Finding a place to rent can be stressful.

The price needs to be in your price bracket, the property needs to be in an area that suits you (near to schools and work) and often you need to come up with a deposit on your first month in your rented place.

Often as a renter, you think that the landlord has insurance in place for loss and damages and mortgage insurance; this is usually true, but only for the property they own, and the building itself.

Should there be a break in, fire, flood or anything else that could affect you and your family, the responsibility of your home contents and valuable falls upon you as a tenant.

Get Home Contents Insurance and Protect your Valuables

Home contents insurance is usually a lot more affordable, as you only need to insure your valuables. By making an inventory list of your items with a replacement value attached, you can easily compile an amount of value that you would like to get insurance cover on.

Get your Insurance TODAY!

Don’t be left in shock with no cover if something goes wrong. Make sure you contact one of our experienced consultants, to set up your renters insurance or get an insurance quote online, and be covered in case of those unpredicted nightmares that can possible come your way.

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Ph: 021 401 2311

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