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About – Clientele Life

Clientèle Life offers life assurance services to all living in South Africa.

As a financially stable business, our company is listed on the stock exchange, and we have the financial security to ensure your cover is secure and safe at every moment of your journey.

Over 2 Decades of Experience

We have over 2 decades of experience in securing the life assurance options for our clients.  We understand what you need, and we offer our advice, guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Choosing cover like life assurance is a sensitive process, thinking of your family after your death, is not an everyday conversation.

However, it is a reality, and one thing we have seen in our 20 years in the industry, is that you definitely need to have some kind of life cover in place.

Having Back-up in Place

Our lives depend on finances to keep us afloat on a daily basis. Having that little extra backup in place can really be the make or break for your family when your time is up.

Clientele have the vision in business to be the most reliable and valued financial services partner in the country. 

Services – Clientele Life

We understand that thinking of getting life insurance is a subject which is taboo, and often not in the conversation. We tend to put this off, and just hope for the best but when people depend on us and out income we simply cannot avoid the harsh reality of death and loss of income for those we leave behind.

Making the Hard Decisions

The reality is, no one is going to live forever. But everyone can be prepared for this, by making the right choices, not only for you, but the loved ones we will leave behind.

Cover from just R130

From as little as R130 a month, you can cover yourself, your spouse and your children with one of our most prestigious life assurance options for Life, accidental, and lasting dignity plans.

Cashback Offers and More

We offer cash back on some of our life and funeral plans after 60 months of paid premiums, with no uncomfortable medical examinations, and fast pay out turnaround times.

Payouts that Happen Fast

In the event of your untimely death, we will pay your family and immediate amount of R10 000 within 24 hours to assist you with funeral arrangements. 

Summary of Services

  • Accident Cover 
  • Life Cover 
  • Hospital Cover
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance 
  • Disability Cover 
  • Medical Cover 
  • Legal Insurance

Clientele Life Assurance, you can Count on us!

Clientele Life has a number of decades in the insurance industry. Through these years, we have grown, learnt and challenged ourselves to be better each year, and provide ongoing quality service throughout every insurance policy we provide our clients.

Going the Extra Mile

We will go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the very best options, for their life assurance choices. We respect all our clients, through their privacy requirements, and their requests in this scope of life. Let us help you for the future today.

Beyond Life Insurance

Above our policy covers, we also offer a terminally ill portion of 75% payable upfront to assist you with living when you no longer able to provide a salary to support your family.

We have all the options you need to ensure your family are financially secure at their traumatic time of your life.

We understand the fear of losing someone close to you, especially if it's a spouse or loved one. But you should also consider your financial situation when you retire.

Get 50% of your Premiums Back

Clientèle now offers you the option to get 50% of your premiums paid on your life insurance policy back in a lump sum when you turn 65 years old. The money can be used to ease the pressure of no longer having an income from your usual employment.

The remaining 50% may be paid out to your listed beneficiaries when you die. This benefit applies to contributors take out their policy before the age of 50. We offer insurance options that start from R190 a month and pay out a lump sum of R200 000.

Payouts in just 24 Hours

With these covers, you can get R20 000 of this amount paid out to you within 24 hours of claiming. If you pay your premiums on time every month for 60 months without claiming, we provide you with a cash back bonus!

Accidental Death Benefits

We offer clients an accident death benefit that pays out immediately and clients who become terminally ill get 75% of your total lump sum paid out to them while they are still alive, to assist them financially.

Contact our Call Centre on 011 320 3000 for any questions you have in regards to our insurance products or get an insurance quote online today.

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