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About – Standard Bank

Standard Bank is South Africa’s most trusted name in the financial sector. With more than 150 years leading the way in the financial and insurance industry, we have been the first choice of many thousands of clients who reap the benefits of our services.

Not just a Bank

We are not just a bank, we offer so much more to our clients. We continue to evolve and improve on our service delivery, with more options, more services and more products to help clients get the full potential of what a financial firm should offer.

We offer South African clients:

And so much more, to ensure you have all you need to keep you and your family financially abreast in any unfortunate situation.

Standard Bank are aimed at the South African and African market, which allows our team to focus specifically on what your personal needs may be.

Your One Stop Shop

We use our resources and our experienced to provide the capable services to clients who want the best. When it comes to life insurance, you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Standard Bank is your convenient one stop shop when it comes to providing a full range of options, for everyone.

Services – Standard Bank

Standard Bank in South Africa understands life’s ups and downs, and also the fact that while life happens, the unexpected can also happen.

When you need a proudly South African firm, to cover you when life takes a turn, we are the right partner for you and your family.

Tax-free Cover

We take our services a step further, with our life cover options, which cover families’ tax free up to R10,000,000. Your life cover will be determined on your risk factors as well as your monthly instalment amounts.

What you pay is nothing compared to what you get out; our clients get far greater value in return.

Cover for the Whole Family

Getting your Life Insurance is easier than ever. Clients can contact our experienced team over the telephone or make an appointment to meet in person. You can also obtain an insurance quote online if you wish. 

The whole process is simple and quick, and without hesitation, you are covered. We don’t limit the amount of beneficiaries under your cover; you can cover the entire family.

Our processes are so convenient, and offer:

Life cover, serious illness cover, salary protection and disability cover and more. Life cover no longer has to be a pain in the back, with our solutions, you get more than you put in, to cover you long term.

Summary of Services

  • Current accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Savings and investments
  • Mobile Deals
  • Foreign exchange
  • Home loans
  • Vehicle and Asset Finance
  • Personal loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Student loans
  • Investing

Standard Bank, the trusted name in Life Insurance.

Standard Bank offers a life insurance policy that will benefit the whole family. Get pay-outs to cover your financial needs, and benefits for every option you choose. We reward our clients, with all the little extras, and go the extra mile to bring you the best quality processes.

Key Features

All our products offer key differentiating features such as, free blood tests, car insurance, home cover, straightforward cover and more. We want to make sure that should anything happen to you or a family member, the financial areas won’t be a problem.

How Much Cover?

Your life insurance cover will be based on the amount of the term and from when you take it out, and on the premiums you pay each month. We will produce a quotation on what your benefits will be upon application. Your age at the time of application will also be taken into account.

Our process is simple.

Because we have branches located throughout the country, finding a store near you shouldn’t be problem, should you wish to contact us over the phone or email, one of our consultants will be in touch with you to discuss your options.

Our services are convenient, allowing clients all over South Africa the ability to access credit life insurance efficiently.

Additional Benefits

During your insurance application, you will need to complete a few forms with personal information, and also undergo a quick blood test for medical purposes.

Our life cover insurance covers you and your family in the event of death; however, with a number of value added benefits included, you also get a portion paid out in the event of serious illness, disability and salary protection.

Income Protection

This can make a difference financially to your life for the better should something like this happen to you. For serious illness or disability, your cover can pay out an amount of up to R5 million to assist you with the income that you are no longer able to earn.

Without Financial Burden

In the event of death, the full lump sum will be paid out to your spouse or beneficiary. This will be handy to cover funeral expenses if you don’t have a funeral plan, cover all your outstanding loans and bonds, and allow your family to carry on living without the financial burden.

 Contact Details

5 Simmonds Street, Standard Bank Centre, Selby, Johannesburg, Selby, City Of Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa
Ph: 0860 123 000

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