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About – First for Women

First for Women understand that as a woman you take on more than you should.

Our lives are an endless task of rushing around and making sure everyone is cared for.

Will you be cared for, should anything happen?

First for Women has created a business around the safe guarding of women.

As a powerful being, we tend to be independent and need to take out insurance cover to protect ourselves should anything go wrong.

Be Prepared no Matter what Comes your Way

We have exclusive long term care cover which allows you to be protected against whatever life throws at you.

Financially, we take care of your needs, and that of your family. We create customised tailored solutions which meet the needs of every woman.

We have been providing this quality service since 2004, and through our devoted service and quality approach to your needs, created a world of options and innovation to take care of what means the most to you.

Services – First for Women

First for Women offer all women in South Africa, the choice to get long term care insurance, which takes care of your financial needs if something should happen to you.

We are so busy with our daily routines that we tend to forget about the future. Our term life cover is not just beneficial to you, but your children will be financially secured in the event of your death, and have the cash to lay out the best funeral or memorial their hearts desire.

Covering Debts & Living Expenses

Should you be involved in an accident, and not be able to work for a while, our policy will cover your finances until such time that you are back on your feet again.

If you become seriously ill, your employment could take a permanent backseat. You will lose your income, and your family will suffer the consequences. 

Providing All you Need

Our cover will provide the financial means to cover your debts each month, as well as assist with providing the medical assistance co-ordinati0on to ensure you are taken care of during this tough and traumatic time.

Summary of Services

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Home Contents Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Portable Possessions Insurance
  • Personal Insurance

Long Term Insurance Solutions that will Change your Life

First for Women provides the technology for women to be able to feel empowered and in control of their lives. We have designed a range of insurance policies which are targeted at the female clients that we assist.

Comprehensive Cover for Women

We understand that many women, in fact, a larger percentage of women who fall seriously ill, are victims of cancer, HIV complications, pregnancy complications and more.

Where other insurance companies aren’t specific with these illnesses, we know these are very important to the lives of our clients.

Having long-term care cover as a women is crucial and means the difference between a generic life insurance policy and one that meets your specific needs.

What would happen to your spouse and children should you become victim to any of the above illnesses. What if you were no longer able to support your family with everything you provide and do on a daily basis?

Having the support financially can help tremendously, but what if you are unable to earn an income. First for women have created our insurance solutions for cases just like these.

The Technology to Keep In Touch with you

We will ensure you and your family are supported with our life cover pay-outs should you become seriously ill. Not only can we provide you with the necessary insurance cover, to secure the financial needs of your family, but we provide the tools you need to keep in touch and updated at all times.

Our Mobile Application

With mobile technology being the foremost enhanced solution in many industries, we provide women with our mobile app, which keeps them connected, and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being part of our firm, to use when you like. Al your applications, notifications claim and more can be processed through your app.

How to Get Covered and Claim

Getting covered is simple, with all our applications and claim processes being done online for your convenience. We know how busy you are, and know you don’t have time to waste in appointments, or queues.

So we have simplified all the processes. Apply to get an online insurance quote, and get a consultant to take you through the process quickly. Get insured now, and carry on doing what you do best, being a woman!

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