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About – Standard Bank

Standard Bank is no newcomer to the insurance world. We have over 154 years’ experience in assisting our South African clients with the fulfilment of their life insurance policy needs.

Diverse and Flexible Options

Standard bank create diverse and flexible options that customers can feel secure and safe knowing that we have your financial aspects covered.

We are customer focused, concentrating on what you need specifically, and what your family would need in case you weren’t able to support them financially.  

Leverage our Stability to Create your Own

We specialise in certain sectors and have created financial solutions for millions of clients in the country to date. With our financial stability in the market, Standard Bank will secure your future today!

A Unique Approach

With our advanced approach to personal, business and corporate investments, we believe our experience and knowledge in the industry allows us to be able to customise our solutions and insurance options in line with your needs, and create a beneficial security through financial assistance when you need it most. 

Services – Standard Bank

Standard Bank covers clients with a long term care cover, when you need the financial backing of a sustainable and secure company, who cares about the wellbeing of your financial future.

A Policy Designed for you and your Family

We look at the most important factors of your long term cover when we derive a policy to suit your needs and the risks involved that could affect the ones you leave behind.

Our long term care cover includes the benefits of:

  • Funeral coverFuneral cover will protect your family by ensuring they are supported financially to take care of the funeral arrangements and the costs involved.
  • Accident and illness cover – should you fall seriously ill and unable to provide financially through a regular income. We have the financial assistance you need to cover the expenses you would normally pay for but no longer can.
  • Debt Protection – This is also known as credit life insurance we will secure payments on your loans, credit cards, home loans and more, to ensure your debts are paid on time and in the event of your death, in full.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Salary Protection
  • Disability Cover
  • Serious Illness Cover

We Keep you and your Family Covered in Times of Need

Standard Bank provides South Africans with a choice of long term life insurance options that suit them. We offer these policies with the intent to care for your family in the event of your death or serious illness.

Asking the Hard Questions

To choose whether or not you require long-term care cover, you have to consider the direst outcome imaginable: in the event that you were to die tomorrow, would your family be able to stay afloat without having you around?

Would they have the cash to pay for costs like memorial service, hospital bills if you were seriously ill, legal counsellor’s expenses, and so on? What about the mortgage, the car and the schooling which would now be left unpaid.

Would they have the capacity to meet continuous everyday costs like the lease or bond, sustenance, attire, transportation and not to mention your credit card payments?

Without your commitment to the family salary, would your surviving life partner have the capacity to sufficiently spare cash to put your kids through college easily?

We can Help you Select the Perfect Mix

Choosing what kind of care, life or medical insurance and how much protection to consider takes some careful thinking. Standard bank have advisors and experienced consultants to assist you through all these specific details.

Deciding How Much Cover you Need

When we customise a solution for our clients we take a look at the most important criteria - how much does your family rely on your financially, and how much would you need to cover your debts and expenses in the even that you were no longer there to take care of them.

There's no Better Time than Now

It's difficult to lose somebody you cherish – however it is a reality of life. No one lives forever, and sometimes the loss of your loved one may happen sooner than we expect it to.

What makes the difference, in this stressful time, is being prepared with everything from life cover to a funeral insurance policy.

If you have children, and are paying off some major expenses, there is no time better than now to get your priorities into gear.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Don’t think of having to worry about the overwhelming stress you would have on your shoulders if you didn’t have cover in place. Get your online insurance quote right now and save time while doing what you know to be best for your family. 

Get proactive and sign up for your long term life insurance cover today – it will save you tomorrow.

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