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About – Clientele Life

Clientele life is no new comer to the insurance world. South Africans have been making use of our insurance services for many years.

We offer value in our insurance offerings, with the ability to provide clients with not just one standard option, but a variety of options and covers, which are closely aligned to their specific needs, and their budget.

Expert Advice to All

We offer expert advice to South Africans, on what cover would be appropriate for their family size, their medical needs and their budget.

Our experts are well informed and knowledgeable in the insurance industry, always keeping up to date with the insurance trends and key developments.

This is why we are able to provide the most unique and current health insurance options to our clients.

We're Ready to Assist you

We know that paying for those medical bills can really take a knock on your bank account as well as your stress levels.

Being in hospital is stressful enough, why should you worry about the payment arrangements as well.

Clientele will assist you to stay clear of the concerns that keep you hesitant about medical cover. We have you covered properly - just contact us to get a medical aid quote that won't have you disappointed.

Services – Clientele Life

Clientele life is not just a medical aid provider, we offer so much more to our clients.

We don’t pay our claims according to the specific codes of treatment, or limit your payment according to what your practitioner charges.

We don’t leave gaps for payment out your pocket and we don’t treat you as just another number.

We cover our clients according to your health insurance needs, premiums paid, and the size of your family.

We Pay for all your Health Related Bills

We pay for every part of your medical treatment, including pharmacy bills, hospital stays and emergency surgery.

Our health insurance goes further, by incorporating a mixture of insurance cover, which could include the likes of funeral cover, salary loss cover, accidental death cover, and much more.

We can Combine Cover

We have the capacity to combine insurance covers, to ensure you and your family are covered throughout life’s journey, for every instance and circumstance that life revolves around.

We can cover the gaps where the medical aids don’t cover your total bill in full.

Whatever your medical needs, whatever you having trouble paying, we can help you financially with getting your health needs in check.

Summary of Services

  • Funeral Insurance
  • Hospital Insurance
  • Legal Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Loans Insurance
  • Investments Insurance
  • Wealth Insurance

Clientele Life Covers the Whole Family with Health Insurance

Clientele life offer clients the choice of three health insurance options, all with their own unique set of benefits and value added services. We understand the high costs of keeping healthy.

An accident or emergency could come up at any time in your life, and they usually at the worst possible time in your life.

Making Life Easier for you

This is why Clientele, want to make something in your life a lot easier, in the way we manage your claims, assist you through the processes, and offer unbeatable and affordable premiums to cover those medical emergencies and check-ups.

Our Range of Products

Clientele have an Accident Plan, Hospital Plan, and a combination of both plans in addition to other product like funeral cover and life insurance.

Many of our clients may have a medical aid, however, the shortfall of what their medical aid doesn’t pay, can have a heavy weight on your bank account, and when thinking of a hospital stay, you could be in for thousands of Rands.

Clientele will give yo that financial back up, for those times when you just don’t have the cover you need to pay for all those medical expenses.

Accident Plan

This plan gives clients the cover in an emergency or accident and you need to be hospitalised. The accident cover will make sure all the costs for a hospital stay longer than 24 hours, is covered.

This cover is highly affordable with a minimal premium starting from R104 per month. The cover can pay up to R2000 a day in hospital and additional cover should the client be admitted into ICU.

Hospital Cash Back Plan

This plan covers hospital stays, even if its not an emergency. This diverse health plans covers practically anything done within hospital and is affordable at a starting ratge of R100 per month. We cover hospital stays up to R3000 per day, with added benefits for ICU admissions.

Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan

This is a combination of the first and second packages, with higher benefits and covers up to R5000 per day for hospital stays. Clients can afford this cover at a minimal premium of R200 per month.

Made to Meet your Needs

All the health insurance plans are created in line with the terms and conditions applied to your specific family size, and the premiums will be altered accordingly.

In the event of an accidental death, clients will have an inclusive accidental death policy within their health policy plan.

Get your medical cover quote today by contacting us or visiting our website.


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