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About – hippo.co.za

Hippo.co.za was established in South Africa in 2007, and has been providing a life line of information and services to clients who are looking for a specific health cover provider in the country.

A Pioneer in the Industry

Hippo launched our comparison website as a pioneer in the search platform industry. We started from a small range of search criteria, and have evolved to allow clients to search for any kind of service they desire.

Experience that Moves

We have extensive experience in the insurance industry, with thousands of insurance providers bidding with the best relates to earn the business of our clients.

Get Better Deals with Hippo

This is one benefit we are able to provide our clients, as you might not get the rates and premiums from the service provider that we are able to get for you.

You can save time, money and get a stress free search from Hippo, and find exactly what you need, when you need it by getting an online insurance quote with us.

Services – hippo.co.za

Hippo.co.za understands what clients want from a health insurance partner. We now the difference between the search for a medical aid and a health insurance.

Medical Aid vs Health Insurance

The two differ quite a bit when it comes to the cover of our clients. Medical aid provides a percentage of payment on each ICD code according the tariffs charges by the health provider.  

Health insurance pays a day rate in a lump sum per day spent in hospital, or towards medical care or consults.

We will Help you Find the Best

When clients need a health insurance either as a sole savings to use for all their health requirements, or even to cover the shortfall what their medical aid does not cover,

Hippo will help you find the best option via a range of medical cover quotes, that suits your needs and your budget.

Get this free service that does all the work for you. all you need to do is register online with hippo, and let us do all the hard work for you!

Summary of Services

  • Health Insurance Quotes 
  • Disability Cover Quotes 
  • Hospital Cover Quotes 
  • Life Insurance Quotes
  • Accident Cover Quotes
  • Legal Insurance Quotes 
  • Medical Cover Quotes

Let Hippo.co.za Find the Health Insurance you need to Stay Healthy

Hippo.co.za, allows clients in South Africa to access the health insurance cover they need to cover those medical bills. Any visit you make to the doctor, or specialist can land you a hefty bill.

Should you need some kind of procedure or surgery, you looking at thousands of Rands out your pocket. And within these areas, you never know what can go wrong, and you could end up staying longer in hospital than you budgeted for.

Protect your Health and your Finances

Don’t let your health suffer just because of the financial aspect of it. With Hippo.co.za, we find you the health insurance solution that will cover your medical bills.

Medical Insurance is usually a more affordable option to invest in and still covers those medical bills. A lump sum is paid out for every day that you are hospitalised.

The payment is made immediately to you and the cash may be used to pay for the medical procedure or surgery or those pharmacy accounts and doctor visits.

Additional Benefits 

Depending on the policy that you choose, your insurance cover can also include payment for dentist and physio; however, terms apply to which cover you choose and some people may need seperate dental insurance for extensive work.

Get long term care insurance to complement your medical aid policy or to make sure that you are protected for sudden medical charges that may arise without warning and go on for a long time. Use your health insurance as a backup medical savings, the choice is yours.

Modern Technology at your Fingetips

hippo.co.za makes use of modern innovative technology platforms to provide our clients with the best possible deals and medical insurance quotes. Our service is at no cost to our clients!

Our internet platform and searching site is controlled and run through leading and skilled internet developers, that means that our clients constantly have the quality experience, with affordable rates that are continually competitive from suppliers who we have access to. 

Three Steps to Ideal Comparions

Comparing insurance providers on hippo.co.za is straightforward; first visit the product page, for instance Insurance or Health Insurance.

Second, get a quote in a few minutes from highly competitive firms in the health insurance industry.

Third, evaluate fees and value added services they offer. Finally, click on the “I’m Interested” button and the provider you pick will call you to discuss your health insurance requirements further in detail.

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