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About – Insurance Hound

Insurance Hound helps clients in South Africa, access information off the internet, through a web based channel. Easier put, we search for what you need instantly, saving you time, money and stress!

Health Insurance and Gap Cover

Over the years, we noticed that there was an overwhelming search over the internet for insurance in the health industry.

Clients with medical aids were unhappy with the gap not paid on their funds, when they had to undergo surgery or any medical treatment.

We saw a rise in the need for health insurance cover, and decided to take it on as a speciality our search field.

Leveraging our Industry Experience 

We have since developed relationships with thousands of health insurance providers, who offer our listed and registered clients, the best benefits and premiums that they wouldn’t be able to access on their own.

Our services are absolutely free of charge and offer you online health insurance quotes. We don’t charge our clients a cent!

We are just here to provide a service to you, by searching for the specific health insurance provider that you need.

Services – Insurance Hound

Insurance Hound knows that every Rand you spend on healthcare counts. It can add up and eventually amount to thousands out your pocket, often we put off our health, because we cannot afford the costs.

Don’t let this happen to you, there is an easier way to find affordable health insurance. Insurance Hound is the insurance experts.

Affordable and Comprehensive Providers

We have the years in the industry, to know which insurance partners will provide the services you need, and which are affordable.

We will provide the comparison service that hunts down the health insurance cover that will cover your family, when your budget can’t.

Let us Help you Find the Best Policy

All you need to do is complete our detailed information form and let us search find and select the health insurance provider that fits your criteria perfectly.

We save you the time and the hassles of taking copious hours of time out your day, or week, trying to contact all these providers yourself and offer you quick medical aid quotes.

We have the means and the technology to source the health insurance cover that will keep you and your family happy and healthy for years to come.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Motor Warranty
  • Medical Aid
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Legal Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Insurance

Find the Health Insurance Policy that Meets your Needs

When you are looking for a good medical insurance provider, but having endless hassles in comparing costs, benefits and what would be best for you and your family, look no further.

Insurance Hound can do all the searching for you.

We specialise in the insurance industry, we focus purely on finding our clients the insurance company that meets all your requirements.

Insurance hound offers a service to clients to make their lives easier. We know in today’s busy schedules, you really don’t have the time or often the resources to scout through thousands on insurance firms over the internet or phone book.

A Perfect Platform to Find what you Need

With technology and experienced technical developers working with us, we have perfected the platform, which allows you to register online through Insurance Hound, and source the health insurance partner that suit s your needs specifically.

Free to all South Africans

Our medical cover quote services are absolutely free to our South African clients, you have nothing to lose, not even time!  

Because we only work with insurance products, our clients know they getting a specialised comparative site, with the capabilities to sift through thousands of insurance providers, who are in line with your specific scope of requirements, which you can enter into the online search platform.

We have had enormous success in fulfilling client’s needs.

With a satisfaction ratio exceeding the search platform industry. Because we refer large amounts of clients to specific insurance firms, we often able to source better deals through our services, than what clients can source on their own.

Save Money while Finding your Perfect Provider

Benefits that our clients get out of our search engine, is the ability to save hundreds of Rands, by getting the most cost effective online insurance quote from insurance companies throughout the country. You can compare insurance companies in minutes saving you time.

The insurance companies we make contact with will each compete to get your business, often offering rates which are lower than the norm.

Don’t stress about the time it takes to find the right insurance that will cover your medical bills. Sign up with Insurance Hound today, and get the best health insurance quotes from top insurers in South Africa.

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2, 35 Doloriet Ave, Zwartkop, Centurion, 0051, South Africa
Ph: 012 663 2610 / 087 820 7011