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About – Multi-Prof

Multi-Prof is a specialised short term insurance company in South Africa, who take initiative and an in depth look of our people in the country, and provide a service that meets their needs.

15 Years of Experience

We have over 15 years’ experience in providing clients with mortgage insurance cover that will ensure all the possible risks in life don’t overwhelm your ability to keep up with your home repayments.

We aim to provide our clients with service excellence throughout their journey with us.

We aim to keep you safe from the thought of losing your home should anything happen to your ability to repay your instalments.

Serving Clients Across all Backgrounds

Our client base includes all calibres of South Africans, including professionals, high profile qualified doctors and specialists, and any other individuals over the age of 25 years, earning a regular income.

We tailor our life cover and mortgage insurance solutions to meet your needs, your requirements, and your home mortgage amount. You can rely on us to keep you from losing your home.

Services – Multi-Prof

Multi-prof mortgage cover is adaptable to your specific needs.

There is no one size fits all in this industry, everyone have their own specific needs, including the risks that could bring you to a standstill, in the security needs to protect your mortgage repayments.

More About BondAbility

Our bond insurance is called BondAbility, which has become a recognised service amongst many South African home owners.

We provide a summer of insurance options for every part and stage of your life cycle including our Bond Insurance Plans that are customised to provide an affordable and flexible solution that meets your premium repayment needs.

They cover the risks of being a home owner, should you be unable to repay your premiums each month, such as serious illness, disability, death or retrenchment.

We offer the convenience of:

  • Easy application processes
  • No medical examinations
  • Flexibility of repayment terms
  • Additional excess cover when needed

Summary of Services

  • Home and Car Insurance
  • Bond Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Aid

Mortgage Insurance with Multi-Prof - Protect your Biggest Investment

Multi-Prof provides bond insurance options in South Africa to protect your mortgage. Mortgage Insurance or Bond Cover is a life coverage plan which provides a protection to the home owner and their mortgage loan, which is currently being paid off on their home.

Cover that Offers Real Value

Multi-Prof have developed and worked relentlessly is designing a cover that will benefit the client and their families, in the event of death, serious illness where you are unable to provide or work for an income, or in disability, where you can no longer pay for your mortgage.

Mortgage Protection for Property Owners

As a property owner you have got the choice of a mortgage protection, to allow you to keep your home, even should the worst happen.

Your mortgage can be paid in full, allowing your family to carry on living in your home, without the financial stresses of paying off your home loan.

What makes our cover so unique is that we don’t require any medical examinations or HIV testing as a necessary compliance to getting your insurance cover and you canget an online insurance quote within minutes of applying.

We offer:

Death Cover – this covers the total amount of the mortgage on your home, even if the outstanding balance is a larger amount that insured but, does not act like funeral cover.

Instalment Protection Cover – if the insured person is unable to provide the monthly instalments because of an illness or industry, we will cover the instalments for that time period, until you are able to take over the payments once more. The time period will be specified in your terms of contract.

Disability Cover – should the insured person become disabled and unable to work and earn an income, we will cover the instalments for two years. After this period, we will pay out the balance to ensure your home is completely paid off.

Retrenchment Cover – if you lose your job because of retrenchment, we will cover your instalments over a 6 month period, until you are able to find new employment with the salary to cover your premiums again.

Dread Disease Cover – should the insured member develop a serious illness, which unables you to work and earn an income to pay your premiums, we will pay your home loan amount in full, to ensure you can still live in your home.

 Contact Details

323 Piet Retief Cres, Sand Bay, Sandbaai 7200, South Africa
Ph: 086 110 1338
Fx: 086 110 1339

 Postal Address

PO Box 804, Hermanus, 7200