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About – Standard Bank

Standard Bank has a life long journey in the insurance industry. With over 154 years of experience, we are pretty confident that we can provide insurance cover that meets the needs of every client who enquires or applies for cover with us.

We are Confident in our Products

We believe in our service delivery, this is a strong powerful ability to have in the financial world. Being confident about our products allows our clients to believe in us as well.

We really to pride ourselves, with our ability to deliver on our promises to our clients. We take great care in detailing our covers and solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Already a Standard Bank Client?

Clients who already bank with Standard Bank have the convenient benefits of getting their solutions processed quickly, with technology integrating your profile into whatever solution you need, and we ensure your mortgage cover is put in place with immediate effect.

As a client focused business, every step we take and every process we create, is in line with making life simpler and more efficient for our clients.

Services – Standard Bank

Standard Bank applies ourselves through innovative thinking, and quality processes to ensure our clients receive a long term commitment from us, with a promise of delivery they can rely on.

Opportunity, Benefit and Innovation

We offer a world of opportunity, splendour of benefits, and innovation that will take you through every stage of life, and cover you in every aspect of your choice made with Standard Bank.

We attend to your needs directly; we make our service personal, and keep up with the times, to ensure you never miss out on any new developments along the way.

We keep you informed at all times, with a strategic and honest communication; we are in tune with our clients requirements, through every market.

We are the People's Bank

We provide mortgage insurance that will keep you from losing your home, in situations that are out of your hands.

We take care of you and your family when life hands you a bad turn. Financially, you have the back up of Standard Bank.

Summary of Services

  • Home Repayments Policy
  • Home Loan Cover
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Insurance For Mortgages

Standard Bank Mortgage Insurance puts your Family and Home First

Standard Bank care about your financial situation, and those who have a mortgage through Standard Bank, can enjoy the perks and benefits of home loan cover that protects you and your family.

Get Expert Assistance when you Need it

Should the worst happen to you, and you need assistance from our experienced consultants, you can contact us with your specific insurance policy number and the points of interest of the incident.

An expert will direct you through the procedure to guarantee that your claim is settled as fast and productively as possible.

Home Loan Protection Plan

Our Home Loan Protection Plan covers the balance of your home loan / mortgage up to R1.2 million, in case of death, critical or terminal illness and perpetual inability and pays your premiums when you unable to on behalf of your family.

Cover your Home Loan for up to 12 Months

A home loan protection plan covers your bond for up to 12 months should you incur a serious illness, or traumatic sickness that keeps you from earning your normal monthly salary just as life cover would.

We know that life happens, and so can an incident like this, that can prevent you from paying your premiums, and we understand that this kind of situation is out of your hands.

Life Happens so be Prepared

We know how stressful it can be, if you have been retrenched from your job, and fear losing your home because there is no income to cover the premiums.

While you get your life back on track, and find another paying job, we will ensure your premiums are covered for a certain amount of tie, or even work out a lower premium in the time that you are searching for alternate work.

We will do what we can to ensure our policy holders don’t lose their home due to situations that are out of their control.

Standard Mortgage Cover for all New Customers

For Standard Bank mortgage holders, we will include the premiums of your mortgage an instalment into your home, which makes it a lot easier to afford, and comes off in one easy payment.

You have peace of mind knowing that should anything happen to you, your home will still be there, and your family will not lose the roof over their heads. Get your online insurance quote today and find out just how affordable this value added service can be.

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381 Rivonia Rd, Rivonia, Johannesburg, 2128, South Africa
Ph: 0860 123 000 / 0860 123 255

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