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About – Dot Sure is a unique insurance company in South Africa, available to clients who care deeply for their pets. We work differently to other insurance companies.

We strive to deliver an impeccable service deliver for every client we help. Our staff are provided with ongoing training to be able to deliver the best in class insurance solutions that our clients can benefit from.  

A Range of Options to Choose from

We know our products, and we know the industry. With a diverse range of insurance options for our clients to choose from.

We aim to provide the best products in the market, to allow clients to get the very best out of their policy.  

The Care your Pets Deserve

We know what is important to our clients, and we care about those things just as much as you do.

For people you care dearly about their pets, we provide a pet policy that will ensure should anything happen to them; we will assist financially to get them well again.

Services – Dot Sure

Your animals deserve to be happy and healthy just as much as you do. Life can be expensive, and so can those vet bills. Having pet insurance in place for your pets, is becoming the must have in the insurance sphere.

Our pets are part of our family, and the cost of keeping them well and healthy can often weigh heavy on our pockets.

Covering Illness and Accidents provides pet insurance that will cover a number of costs that are included in keeping your pet healthy. You never know when the unexpected illness or accident can happen to your beloved pet.

Get Rid of the Financial Burden of Owning a Pet

Vet bills can be just as costly as human doctor bills which require medical insurance. Take the financial strain away from caring for your pet, with low premiums, your pet can get covered for those times when they need medical care.

Pet owners can make use of easy to use online applications and claiming systems which make life a lot easier for you and your pets.

Summary of Services

  • All Major Breeds 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Special Breed Policies
  • Veterinary Cover

Dot Sure keeps your Canines Healthy and Covered Financially

Pet Insurance has become an essential part of thousands of homes, who have pets in their lives.  Our pet cover allows you to cover as many pets as you like all under one policy. For every additional pet you add, you get 15% off your premiums.

Keep their Tails Wagging

Animal lovers know how difficult it is to see you pets in pain, fall ill, or be involved in an accident. No matter what happens to your beloved pet, make sure you have pet insurance from to keep you pets safe, and help you get the medical assistance you need to have their tails wagging again.

Third Party Liability Cover

We don’t charge our clients when joining us, and we don’t charge if you cancel your policy.  We also cover third party liability claims, should your doggy friend get a little excited and destroy your mother in laws lounge suite, or cause harm to a runner passing by.

No Waiting Period - Get Immediate Cover

There is no waiting period on our policies, the day you join, is the day we start covering your pets. We have a variety of plan options to suit all pet owners.

You may only need certain benefits for your pet, or you may need the whole lot. Depending on your pet, and your budget, we can provide a policy that suits all of your needs.

Comprehensive Cover for all their Needs

Some pet require more medical treatment than others. If you have a puppy which is going to require a number of vaccinations, and with a long life ahead of it, may need a few unexpected treatments, you may want to think about getting a more inclusive option.

We have a full comparison brochure on all our options available to our clients online, which can be carefully viewed before settling on a pet insurance option.

Apply for Pet Insurance Online

Get everything you need for your pet insurance cover online. We provide applications, help lines, email and online submission all online for our client’s convenience.

You can insure your   pet within minutes, and make sure they get the best gift of all, your care. Low premiums that all pet owners can afford. We have the insurance cover that will have your pets jumping for joy for many years to come.

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Ph: 044 805 3920
Fx: +27 866 750 612

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