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About – hippo.co.za

Hippo.co.za is South Africa’s favourite comparison website. We offer the world at your fingertips, and it’s a free service to our clients.

Over 50,000 Clients

We have established a clientele of over 50 000 valued clients every month, offering our specialised searching techniques, which allow our clients to access just what they need in our directory of accredited insurance providers.

When it comes to your pets, Hippo knows just how much you care about your little fluffy friends.

Get the Cover you Need

It’s so easy to get the pet cover you need with Hippo. We do all the searching for you, saving you a tremendous amount of time and stress.

Our processes allow you the opportunity to get a complete list of providers who meet your exact criteria and requirements.

Help to Apply and More

We take our services a step further and assist you with the application process and more.

We will compare thousands of registered insurance companies to find just what you are looking for.

Services – hippo.co.za

Hippo.co.za knows that your pets are more than just a pet. Your pets are part of your family, and deserve the treatment of healthy living, and attention to their needs when they are ill.

Putting Experience to Work

We have vast experience in South Africa, in searching for pet insurance options for clients around the country.

Pet Insurance has become a huge demand in the country, due to the ever increasing costs of vet bills and care which is involved in keeping your beloved pet healthy.

Sourcing Providers in SA

Just like we can help people find home, car or travel insurance, Hippo can help you find a pet insurance provider that meets your needs using a powerful search engine. We will source a policy from a few shortlisted companies that we have pre-approved. 

Our pet care search can include a number of options to choose from, all depending on the age, breed and health of your pet. There are a number of insurance policies that cover certain things and others that cover everything.

Depending on what you are willing to pay on premiums, we will find the options of insurance you are keen on, and help you go further with your application.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance
  • Car, home and building combo
  • Household Insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Mototcycle Insurance
  • Life Insurnace
  • Travel Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Compare and Find Suitable Pet Insurance Today

Just as we help people find medical cover, Hippo.co.za offer pet insurance options from all over the country. With our convenient and easy to use search tool, clients all over South Africa can find the best suited insurance product to meet their needs.

Search by Product, Price or Need

You can search by product, price and specific requirements. You make the final choice at the end of the day. We sought through thousands of insurance brands offering the services you require, and come up with a list meeting your requirements.

Once you have shortlisted or chosen the plan you like, let us know, and we will take your online insurance application further with the supplier. It’s simple, fast and hassle free, and the best part of our service, is that it’s free to all clients.

We Find the Best

We find pet insurance companies that offer vet services for your beloved furry friend for injuries caused by an accident, or illness such as diabetes, cancer, insect bites and stings and more.

Many pet insurance companies do exclude certain criteria on their pet insurance plans, including pregnancy, elective procedures, behaviour issues, defects and pre-existing conditions.

However, all companies differ slightly, to be sure to specify thee requirements in your Hippo search.

More about Per Cover

There is usually no specified age for pets that are insured, however, younger pets can be listed on a higher plan as they have a full life ahead of them, whereas older pets can opt for a lower premium plan.

Pet insurance is viable from day one. Once you have signed your terms and conditions, you have access to your policy immediately.

How to make a Claim

To claim on your insurance, clients would need to pay their vet or clinic upfront, and attach your proof of payment to your vet bill.

This can be emailed or faxed directly to your pet insurance company, for prompt reimbursement of your payment. Payments are paid back to clients in line with the benefit schedule depicted on your insurance plan.

Each Plan Differs

Depending on the one you choose and the premiums you pay each month. Your insurance company will discuss all the options with you in detail, so that your choice is in line with your pets needs.

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