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About – Hollard Pet Insurance

Puppies, kittens, love and cuddles, we know what your pets mean to you. But what about those days when your companion isn’t feeling so cheerful and well?

Are you financially prepared for treatment, pet surgery or anything medical related that needs quite a large sum of cash?

Cover Pet Care

It’s a fact that an overnight stay at the vet, can cost us almost the same amount of money as it would for an adult to stay in hospital.

The fact of the matter is, pet care can be costly. But we know how much your furry friends mean to you, that’s why, Hollard pet insurance, is a must for every pet owners home.

A Number of Pet Cover Options

Hollard provides clients with a number of pet insurance options that will fit in with your budget, as well as in line with your pet.

Hollard have been providing car, life and funeral cover for many years, we know the industry well, and we know that having cover in place for everyone, including your pets, will save you financially long term.

Services – Hollard Pet Insurance

Hollard insurance offer pet owners the opportunity to cover their pets with a financial blanket, when they get ill, or just need their regular vaccinations and check-ups.

Something to Fall Back on

Having pet cover you can fall back on when you have paid out thousands in vert bills, can really be the light at the end of the tunnel, when your finances have taken a knock. Hollard offer a host of beneficial value added service with our pet insurance.

Benefits of PET Insurance:

  • We cover all pets up to the age of 8 years
  • Get an added discount if you insure more than one pet
  • You can visit any vet you like within South Africa
  • We reimburse you on your paid bill within 14 days of payment / submission of your claim
  • We offer clients a convenient mobile app, to receive all their news and profile info.

Hollard cares about the wellbeing of your pet, and wants to provide the best possible insurance cover to keep them healthy. Contact Hollard and get an online insurance quote today.

Summary of Services

  • Veterinary Cover 
  • Special Breed Policies 
  • All Major Breeds
  • Pet Insurance

Hollard Looks after your Pets just as Well as You do

Hollard pet insurance offers clients in South Africa a convenient solution for insuring their pets. We offer a unique range of benefits and valuable services that will keep your pet wagging his tail for many years to come. Your pet is part of your family.

Why not Insure your Pets too?

You have life insurance to cover the needs of your spouse and children, why not ensure your pets are covered too.

Our pet insurance cover pets that are under 8 years old, and need cover for accidental injuries or illness. Our cover has no expiry date; your pet will be covered for life.

A Variety of Plans

Our different plan options offer clients the choice of many levels of cover for their pets. We understand, no one size fits all, and the same goes for your pet cover.

To claim on your pet bills, clients can take their pets to the vet or clinic, and have whatever your pet needs taken care of.

Clients are to pay the vet directly, and submit your proof of payments along with your invoice or bill from the vert to Hollard as soon as possible.

How to Make a Claim

Claims can reach us by email, fax or however suit you. We will then reimburse you in line with the amount or percentage stipulated on the policy you have chosen.

Whatever your pet needs to stay healthy, your pets deserve being healthy as much as humans do. Hollard also has cover options to include general vaccination, routine procedures, dental work, deworming, flea and tick control as well as all emergency situations that your pet may endure.

Get more Information on our Website

Our online website allows clients to view a full list of our cover options, as well as what is and isn’t included in the pet policy you choose.

You can work out your monthly premiums through our easy to use online calculator. You can work out how much one or even multiple pets will cost.

Client premiums are fixed annually, so you know exactly what you paying each month, and our premiums are very affordable. You can have the entire family covered through Hollard Insurance, even your furry friends.

 Contact Details

24 Wellington Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2193, South Africa
Ph: 0860 738 787 / (011) 481 1900
Fx: 086 661 0992
Em: info@petsure.co.za

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PO Box 87 149, Houghton, 2041, South Africa