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About – Travel Insurance Consultants

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) specialises in protecting travellers with travel cover which is specially designed with your travel requirements at heart.

An Accredited Member of ASATA

As an accredited member of ASATA, TIC remains in line with the regulatory requirements needed for the travel industry. For over 25 years, TIC has remained one of the leading travel insurance brands across the country.

World class travel management companies throughout the country rely on TIC to provide travel insurance for their clients, as well as businesses in other industries which require business travel insurance and personal travellers on a country broad spectrum.

We Cater for all Travellers

Be it in country or internationally, we have an option which covers every risk and aspect of your travel needs from the minute you step off the plane.

TIC is located in all major towns throughout the country and Africa, with an experienced team and the passion for helping clients, we deliver exceptional services to travellers everywhere.

Services – Travel Insurance Consultants

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) provides solutions that are over and above the normal benefits. Because we specialise in travel insurance, we focus purely on establishing a solution which is of the highest calibre.

What our Insurance Covers

Our clients can get travel insurance cover for luggage theft or loss of luggage, assistance in emergency situations such as evaluation due to country unrest, or sever weather conditions.

We also have a medical emergency assistance. When in a foreign country, you never know if you react to bad, food, get involved in an accident or anything else that may need treatment from a medical facility.

Cover for Leisure Travel

We also offer products suitable for leisure travels. This is purely customised for those going on holiday and where no business is entailed.

Business travel cover options are more specified, especially if you are going to be doing heavy manual labour and if you under the age of 69.

Travelling locally can be covered through a compressive plan, for travellers under the ages of 69.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Insurance
  • Accident Cover
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Policy Cover

TIC - Travel Insurance that just Keeps getting Better

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) will provide clients access to travel insurance with a difference, just with a few clicks of your mouse.

We provide innovative online tools, developed especially for the simplicity and efficiency of our service delivery.

By browsing our website, you will be able to access all the information you need and you cna even get an online insurance quote. You can read up on the benefits available and complete the online application forms available on the site.

We Process Applications Fast

Forms can be emailed directly to our consultant team, and processed immediately; to make sure we get your insurance in place before your trip. We will give you a quote, and if you accept, your cover will be put in place immediately.

How to Pay for your Cover

Payment for your travel insurance cover of choice can be paid directly to TIC via credit cards for online applications. We do advise that travellers obtain their travel insurance a few days at least before travelling.

Your travel insurance can be bought up to 12 months before your trip. Bearing in mind, should you require a visa, you may need a bit of lead time, and purchase you travel insurance at least 6 weeks before travelling.

Embassies usually require a letter from your travel insurer when applying for your visa.

Under the Age of 28?

Another bonus feature we offer, is for youths under 28 years old, travelling overseas, can receive and insurance cover for up to two years.

When travelling to high risk areas of unrest, we also provide medical and emergency cover, as well as emergency evacuation services if the need should arise.

How to Claim with TIC

If you need to claim, our process is as easy as picking up the phone and contacting our 24 hour emergency help line. We will access your situation and act accordingly.

Claims must be submitted within a 60 day time frame once you arrive back from your trip. All the required documentation needed when claiming is specified on our website.

Should you have any questions or queries in regards to our travel insurance options, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team of travel insurance experts.

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