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Edgars takes care of your looks and wellbeing in more ways than one. We offer trendy fashion essentials at the most attractive prices every day all year round. We provide insurance products as well. In fact, we offer a wide variety of covers to match even the most specific requirements. Getting covered with us is simple, each and quickly. You simply need to select a product and we will charge it to your account. We have a convenient claims handling service which boats with great speed. You can submit a claim at any of our stores and we will take it from there. It is "That Easy" with the Edgars Financial Services.

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With Edgars Dental Insurance, you will smile all the time not only because your teeth are perfectly white and even but also because you will save lots of money. The cover works simply and efficiently just like all solutions which we offer to our customers. It is designed to pay the major chunk of your dental bill every time you visit the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning or for a treatment. You will never have to worry about the effect dental care will have on your pocket. With our policy, you will be able to afford any treatment that you require with ease and convenience.

Summary of Services

  • Insurance For Teeth
  • Hospital Cover
  • Dental Cover
  • Dental Insurance
  • Medical Policy

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Edgardale, Press Avenue, Crown Mines
South Africa

Phone: 0860 555 334
Email: customerrelations@edcon.co.za

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PO Box 100
Crown Mines
South Africa

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