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South Africans could be paying more for their insurance rates due to a number of factors. Leaving insurance companies in a thug of war amongst themselves, trying to attract and retain their customers…

Popular Types of Insurance Policies

life insurance za

Life Insurance

It’s important to invest in life insurance while you are young & healthy…

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car insurance za

Vehicle, Auto, & Car

All types of moving vehicles from family sedans to sports cars and from bakkies and minibuses to trucks and campervans…

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medical insurance za

Medical & Health

Reliable lenders can provide you with short-term loans to help you meet month end…

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business insurance za


Always ensure that you have insurance in place before you start your business operation, no matter how small…

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Competition in the Insurance Industry Grows

Getting insurance is highly recommended depending upon your situation, needs and requirements. Here are some reasons as to why insurance is important necessity in South Africa.


As you know, South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. This presents as a huge challenge to our society. However, you can safeguard your interests by getting the relevant insurance policy. Generally, the rate of claims filed every year is quite high compared to other parts of the world. Hence being prepared for the unforeseen can be important in South Africa.

Health Status

South Africa is amongst the worst affected nations as far as the AIDS and HIV epidemics are concerned. Individuals who are already infected with HIV have a higher chance of death and that only increases the risk factor for insurers. They will lose a source of income and, at the same time, bear the costs of funerals. Many insurance companies are coming up with progressive insurance policies for HIV patients. They are expected to further improve medical care for affected patients.

Marital Status

Single versus married individuals have different insurance policy needs especially when there are one or more dependents that are dependent on one income in household. We recommend assessing your situation and getting life insurance depending on your marital status.

There are many factors that you need to take into consideration when applying for different types of life insurance policies.

We provide a hassle free solution for different types of life insurance in South Africa.

Fourthly, the financial recession of 2008 has left thousands unemployed and the unemployment rate is not coming down to previous levels. Unemployment poses as a risk since such people would not be able to pay their premiums requiring them to get a loan and in some cases have a bad credit history due to failure to meet their financial obligations. Insurance on the other hand would be the least priority for individuals who are facing a cash crunch.

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