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About Polmed

Polmed is a medical scheme that is specifically designed for South Africa’s Police Service.

The medical scheme is one that has been specifically designed for the workers of the SAPS and their beneficiaries be that children or parents.

How Medical schemes work

The difference between a medical scheme and medical aid or medical insurance is that a medical scheme runs as a non-profit organisation that is managed by a board of trustees. Usually, there are open and closed medical schemes. Polmed falls under a closed medical scheme as it is available for those working in the SAPS and that means an open medical scheme would be available for the public at large

Polmed Services

All funds that are put into the scheme will be sent to a pool to be managed and used for the benefit of the scheme members to pay claims and to ensure the equitable distribution to all its members based on the plans and in accordance with scheme rules.

PMB (Prescribed Medical Benefits)

In accordance with The Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998 all medical schemes must provide PMB, which is a set of benefits that cover minimum healthcare benefits. At Polmed the PMBs are set regardless of the benefit option they have selected. It covers 270 PMBs. The list of these benefits ranges from injuries such as fractures, any cardiac treatment needed, and also cancer treatment, with the ladies receiving the benefit of any menopause-related conditions.

Polmed – Medical Aid

  • Product Medical Aid
  • Log-in
    Logging into the website provides many different advantages like tracking your claims and requesting chronic medications
  • Police medical aid
    Polmed was specifically created to provide comprehensive medical care to the SA police force and their families

Benefits of Polmed

  • Network options - Polmed offers its member's health care options where they have negotiated no co-payments or extra expenses for their members
  • Mental health - Polmed knows that the mental health of its members is a high priority. They will assist you to find the help that you need. 
  • Personal Health Record keeps a record of all your medical procedures and medications in one place, this allows you to give all the relevant information to your health care provider. 

Get affordable medical aid with Polmed

At Polmed a DSP will be a place that is designated by the scheme to service any of the required medical needs to any claim, these places include EMS (Emergency Medical Services), ICON ( Independent Clinical Oncology Network), MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident Claims) and PPN for optometry.

Polmed has also increased its network of DSP’s to allow anyone within the SAPS to have access to healthcare more widely available throughout the country.

Medical aid plans

Polmed’s plans fall under two categories:

  • Marine
  • Aquarium

But in order to figure out which plan is best for you personally and your beneficiaries, there is much that is to be analyzed. The first of which will be to check on family requirements which will include noting down how often each member will visit a doctor on a yearly basis, this will depend on their overall health. If any family member requires a specialist for specific conditions and if any chronic medication is needed for them.

Next is figuring out how much cover you think you will need, for those families who are less likely to be hospitalized, or need less medication annually and are generally of less risk, a lower plan will be needed. And then lastly, as it is a medical scheme, an annual contribution to the scheme will be made, and an overall limit will be placed on specific needs, where co-payments will still need to be made in given cases.

The Aquarium plan is the cheaper plan with limits on the amount that the medical aid scheme can pay out towards things such as hospitalizations, scans, medication, and any other special requirements. With authorization from Polmed needing to come before any DSP can assist you if no authorization takes place penalties will be charged to members.

The Marine plan is the more expensive and comprehensive plan. With members still needing to make co-payments regarding specific medical needs as per the medical scheme.

Summary of how the scheme works

Overall, the Polmed scheme is tailored to work for the SAPS and its families. Whilst the scheme itself covers many things, within the limits of each member's contribution to the scheme annually, there are charges that the scheme does not have the money to fully facilitate. Polmed requires co-payments for some healthcare and medication needs. With the plan limiting specific medication to one month of dispensation.

There are many more little details as to how many benefits you can receive from Polmed both as PMB and as add-on benefits from each plan. Polmed is a scheme that will work perfectly for any SAPS worker and their family and is affordable compared to traditional health insurance.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2021

You can get medical aid for you and you can also add your loved ones so everyone is sorted in case of an emergency.

Anthony L
— Durban —

October 2021

Polmed have made my life so much easier, I suffer with heavy menopause and if it wasn't for Polmed I couldn't afford the medication that's making it a bit easier for me.

Maryka S
— Jeffery's Bay —

Polmed Contact

Physical Address

  • Nedbank Plaza, C/o Stanza Bopape and Steve Biko Streets, Arcadia, Pretoria Gauteng 0083 South Africa
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Postal Address

  • Polmed, Private Bag X16, Arcadia, , Pretoria, 0007, South Africa

Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 – 17:00
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