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From comprehensive car insurance that rewards you, to competitive medical and household insurance options that guarantee your most valuable goods are protected; we have all the needed information to help you reap the rewards of an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Aid?

Getting proper health care in South Africa can be hard to find and extremely expensive, sometimes even hopeless.

So, getting the right medical aid that will cover your day-to-day visits to the doctor, medical emergencies, planned and unplanned operations, dental care, and long-term care needs is extremely crucial.

Access the best medical aid plans for you and your family without going from pillar to post to find what you need. Get comprehensive and some of the most affordable medical aid quotes from the very best medical aid providers in South Africa.

How does medical aid work?

Generally, your medical aid will pay out a claim directly to your doctor, hospital, or medical facility within 7 to 14 days. This will ensure that your medical bills are taken care of without any hassles.

We all know that an accident can happen in a split second. A proper medical aid will allow you to go straight to the hospital without financial stress.

Many medical aid plans will offer you the option of a savings pocket that can be used for medication from your local pharmacy or for any other gaps like certain dental care needs, etc.

How to apply for medical aid?

Most medical aid providers will take you through a quick underwriting process where they will ask you a few personal, lifestyle, and health questions to determine if they can approve your cover. To ensure a trouble-free claims process, it is very important to be transparent and honest when you answer these questions.

You will have the option of adding your spouse and children onto your cover and even qualify for a discount when you have more than one member on your policy.

Access convenient online medical aid quotes from reputable medical aid providers that also offer telephonic assistance and advice. If you prefer a face-to-face consultation, you can easily get in touch with your chosen provider to set up a meeting.

List of insurance companies offering Medical Aid

  1. Momentum Medical Aid Medical Aid

    Momentum Medica...

    • Cost savvy medical aid
    • Call for free quotes
    • Hardworking staff
  2. Medshield Medical Aid


    • Customized medical aid
    • Unbeatable premiums
    • Instant pay out
  3. Fedhealth Medical Aid


    • Tailored medical cover
    • No waiting periods
    • Instant hospital cover
  4. Polmed Medical Aid


    • Medical aid just for you
    • Get your family covered
    • Hassle free online quotes

What is Funeral Cover?

Losing a loved one can come unexpectedly and arranging a dignified burial for them can be very expensive. Don’t leave your family with added financial stress when you pass away, get a funeral cover in place to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Funeral cover was mainly created to cover all funeral-related costs such as your casket, transportation if you happen to be away from home, and even after tears gatherings. The great part about funeral cover in South Africa is that it is generally very cheap, easy to access, and is paid out fast in the case of your death.

Most funeral cover policies will cover you immediately for accidental death and may have a waiting period for a natural cause of death of between 6 and 12 months. Suicide is also covered after 24 months of having a funeral cover policy in place, so even in the most devastating scenario, your family will be able to say goodbye in a proper way without financial stress.  

Finding the best funeral cover in South Africa

Obtain the most competitive funeral cover quotes in South Africa by comparing different benefits, features, cover amounts, and premiums with the top funeral cover providers in the country.

Make an informed decision by ensuring that your chosen funeral cover provider has a good reputation in terms of customer service and paying out claims.

Compare the best Funeral cover quotes

  1. 1Life Funeral Cover


    • Funeral cover up to R50 000
    • Fixed premiums
    • Hassle free claims
  2. Hollard Funeral Cover


    • R75 000 funeral cover
    • Cash back on premiums
    • Affordable premiums
  3. Assupol Funeral Cover


    • Funeral cover from R70p/m
    • Get an online quote
    • Quick claims process
  4. AVBOB Funeral Cover


    • Family funeral cover
    • Quick online application
    • Affordable premiums

What is Car Insurance?

An accident can happen in the blink of an eye! South Africa has some of the highest vehicle accident rates in the world, and not having car insurance can land you in a financial crisis that you may not recover from.  

Car insurance will not only take care of your loss or damage in the case of an accident but also protect you financially against the dangers of high jacking, theft, storms, floods, fires, and much more.

Obtain the most cost-effective premiums with car insurance that will cover you comprehensively, from the best car insurance companies in South Africa.  

How much is Car Insurance?

Getting a few car insurance quotes is always a good idea, this way you will ensure that you get the best car insurance deal on the market. Car insurance premiums are usually determined by a few factors including the make, model, colour, and age of your car.

If you live in a high-risk area, it can also have an effect on your premium as well as where you park your car during the day or at night, if it is for example an access-controlled area or if it is out in the street.

They might also take your payment and accident history into account as well as your age and how many years you have been driving. The average rate for car insurance in South Africa is typically anywhere from R200 to over R3,000 it all depends on the value of your car and your risk profile.

Installing safety features such as a tracker, smash and grab windows, central locking and an alarm system in your car can decrease your premium as it lowers the risk of theft.

Get a few comparative car insurance quotes with ease and in a matter of minutes.  

Find the best value for money Car insurance

  1. Santam Car Insurance


    • Online insurance quotes
    • Most comprehensive insurer
    • Low excess fees
  2. OUTsurance Car Insurance


    • Compare insurance quotes
    • Save on car insurance
    • Efficient claims process
  3. Dotsure Car Insurance


    • Online insurance quotes
    • Quick application process
    • Discounted premiums
  4. AA Car Insurance


    • Insurance quotes from experts
    • Rapid insurance application
    • Added roadside assist

What is Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often overlooked or dismissed when planning a holiday.

If you have ever experienced the stress of arriving at your destination and your luggage did not make it to the same location or if you open your bag to take out your brand new swimsuit only to realise that your bag has been stripped of all your valuable belongings then you will know that travel insurance is a must. But that is not all that it can cover.

For those of you who may still be on the fence, let this be your warning. 

Do I need travel insurance? 

Yes! Travel insurance does not only cover the items that may be lost or stolen while you are enjoying your vacation, but it is also vital to cover yourself in case your flight gets cancelled or you miss a connecting flight due to delays and you have to purchase a new ticket.

However, probably the most important part of travel insurance is the emergency medical cover. Belongings can be replaced and an airline ticket can be rebooked but your health, and the health of your loved ones, is not something that can be compromised. Travel insurance ensures that you can afford to receive the best medical care should you need it while you are abroad. 

Companies that offer travel insurance also have value-added services like 24-hour call centres with agents all over the world that can assist with any queries or emergencies that you may experience. 

Where can I get travel insurance?

When you book your aeroplane tickets with your credit card you are automatically covered for very basic travel insurance that may include lost or stolen bags.

It is advisable, however, to contact a dedicated travel insurance company to get comprehensive cover so that you can enjoy your well deserved holiday with peace of mind. If you are a frequent traveller you can enquire about their yearly packages that will cover you for a specified period of time instead of having to take out a new policy each time you travel.

List of Travel Insurance companies

  1. FlySafair Travel Insurance


    • Insurance cover up to R10 000
    • Effortless online services
    • Free online insurance quote
  2. AIG Travel Insurance Travel Insurance

    AIG Travel Insu...

    • Affordable travel insurance
    • Quick online application
    • Effortless baggage claims
  3. Travel Insure Travel Insurance

    Travel Insure

    • Multiple insurance options
    • Efficient emergency services
    • Online claims processes
  4. Chubb Travel Insurance


    • Simple travel insurance solutions
    • Unlimited medical cover
    • Baggage claim benefits

What is life insurance

It is often said that taking out life insurance for yourself, or a family member, is an act of love.

This is because the beneficiaries are left with a financial legacy when you pass on. It can assist your children with schooling or help your wife to keep food on the table and a roof over your family’s heads.

What is life insurance?

When you take out insurance on either your life or the life of a loved one, you make a contract to pay a premium to a company that will then pay out a lump sum of money to the beneficiaries that are nominated with the policy upon the death of the insured.

This money can be used by the beneficiary as they see fit. If you have more than one beneficiary on your policy then the lump sum can be split according to your specifications.  

As part of most life insurance companies offer value-added services that should seriously be considered as they can assist you with covering bills should you no longer be able to earn a salary. These add ons can include critical illness and dread disease as well as disability cover.

Why do I need life insurance?

While life insurance can leave money for your family members when you pass away there are often other instances when you may need to take out life insurance.

The most notable of these is when you take out very large loans. Home Loans will require you to have a policy in place that is ceded to them should you pass away. Some large business loans will also require the owners to have insurance in place that will also be ceded to the lender.

Compare Life Insurance quotes

  1. Assupol Life insurance


    • Online life cover
    • Request call back
    • Long term life insurance
  2. FNB Life Cover Life insurance

    FNB Life Cover

    • Quick insurance application
    • Completely online life cover
    • Affordable insurance premiums
  3. All Life Life insurance

    All Life

    • Fast insurance quotes
    • Life insurance up to R1 million
    • Cover for HIV positive clients
  4. Discovery Life Insurance Life insurance

    Discovery Life ...

    • Online insurance quote
    • Leaders in insurance
    • Easy to understand life cover