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Business Travel Insurance

Tailored travel insurance can cover an individual or a group of employees for up to 182 days per trip or up to 92 days per year ⁠— the best business travel insurance for your work laptop, equipment, luggage, flight delays, and much more.

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business travel insurance
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Ensure that You’ll have a Safe and Easy Business Trip

Being in another country without business travel insurance can be devastating if your trip is delayed due to a natural disaster or riot without the extra money to pay for transport, accommodation, or food.

Access business travel insurance options that will cover you in more than 100 countries while providing 24/7 medical emergency assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tailored insurance for corporate travel

The real question is; can you afford not to get business travel insurance? Let’s think about it for a moment. What if you get hijacked in a foreign country and have to give up your luggage and business equipment in exchange for your life?

What if one of your employees is out on a business trip and gets injured or needs urgent medical attention?

What if your very important business trip gets interrupted due to a hurricane or emergency medical evacuation? With a travel insurance cover, you can get all your “what ifs” covered under one policy. As a business owner, you always need to do proper risk management and make proactive preparations for any possible risk that may occur on a business trip.

What is Business administrative travel insurance?

If you or your employees travel to different countries for business purposes on a regular basis, this would be the ideal cover for you. Keep in mind that this type of cover generally does not cover individuals who are travelling to perform manual labour or who are over the age of 75.

What is Business industrial travel insurance?

If you or your employees travel locally or internationally to perform a form of manual labour, on a regular basis, this cover will assist with covering you for any related risks.

Generally, this cover will be ideal for doctors, electricians, engineers, and technicians that are younger than 65.

Planning a business trip?

If you don’t travel for business on a regular basis, you can also just get a term insurance solution for a specific period. Maybe you or a group of your employees are only taking a single trip, so you don’t need a continuous cover.

Make sure that your business travel insurance includes all the key risk factors such as the covering of lost or stolen luggage, medical emergencies, business interruption, liability, accommodation, accidents, extreme weather conditions, etc.

How much will insurance cost?

Your premium depends on a few important factors and can differ from quote to quote.

If you are travelling to a high-risk country that is known for violence and danger it might cause your premium to be higher than if you are travelling to a relaxed and low-risk country.

It depends on the value of the luggage and equipment you will be taking with you on the trip, and in many cases, you will need to specify your high-valued items and their specific values.

It will also depend on how often you travel and for how long. If you frequently travel for business purposes you might be able to qualify for a discounted monthly premium.

Typical travel insurance exclusions

  • If you or your employees have any pre-existing medical conditions, any risk that occurs related to the condition may be excluded from your cover.
  • If a financial loss is caused due to self-inflicted events.
  • Sports injuries for certain sports that are not covered on your policy schedule.

What does insurance typically cover?

Emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage

What if one of your employees passes away in a foreign country, transporting their body back to South Africa could be a hefty unexpected expense you will need to cover.

The same goes for a serious injury or illness. With the right cover in place, you can put your mind at ease so that all will be taken care of financially.

24-hour travel assistance

Many travel policies include worldwide travel assistance, this can differ from provider to provider. So, make sure you take the cover that suits your needs the best.

This cover will ensure that you have the assistance you need no matter where you go. You will receive assistance with locating alternative flights, finding local medical care, tracking lost luggage, etc.

In some cases, they will also provide specific services for your business such as getting business equipment, drivers, translators, special tickets, and more.

Medical and Dental cover

This will provide the funds you need to get proper treatment from a local medical facility.

Luggage delay

If your luggage gets delayed you will probably have to change your flight and arrange for additional transportation and with the right cover, these costs will be covered.

Trip cancellation

You can get your pre-paid non-refundable money back if your trip gets cancelled for a reason you are covered for stipulated on your policy schedule.

Trip delay

Your trip can be delayed for a number of reasons such as severe weather conditions, an emergency evacuation, a terrorist attack, etc.

This can leave you in a situation where you need to unexpectedly book a hotel as well as other expenses like food and transportation costs, and can all be taken care of by your insurer.

Lost, damaged, or stolen luggage

Cover your luggage for a specific amount of money that will payout in the event that it is lost, damaged, or stolen from you on your trip.

Choosing the perfect cover for you

You can speak to a broker or helpful consultant to discuss your specific business risks on the trip you are planning or perhaps the type of trips you or your employees will be taking on an ongoing basis.

You can compare a few insurance quotes from the leading travel insurers in South Africa to find the best deal for your specific travel needs.

Travelling in a group?

Most insurers will be able to offer you a discounted premium if you take out insurance for a group of employees that will be travelling for business.

It is important to note that even if you are taking out cover for a group of people that are not travelling together but will be covered under the same policy, it will enable you to secure a cheaper premium than just covering one person at a time.

When to buy Travel insurance

You can purchase your business travel insurance as soon as you make your first trip payment. However, it might be a better decision to purchase your insurance at least 10 to 15 days prior to your first trip deposit.

The reason for this is that most insurers will then be able to cover you for the cancellation of your trip due to a business reason or any stipulated reason. If you only purchase your insurance after making your first deposit, it is likely that you won’t enjoy cover due to a cancellation.

Apply for insurance

Getting insurance is usually a very quick and easy process and can be done in a few minutes.

Some providers have online application options that can be done with a few clicks. Speaking to a broker or advisor is also a great option to ensure that you have an all-inclusive cover in place for your business.

You will need to answer a few simple questions about your type of business, the size of your business, the luggage, and equipment you will be carrying, to which country you will be travelling, how many employees you want to cover, how long and how frequent these business trips will take place, etc.

Don’t find yourself in a devastating financial situation, get your business travel insurance cover in place today!

List of companies offering Business Travel Insurance

  1. Santam Business Travel Insurance


    • Flexible travel insurance
    • Fast and efficient payout
    • 24 hour customer support
  2. Hollard Business Travel Insurance


    • Online insurance quotes
    • Easy claims process
    • Unique products and services
  3. FlightSite Business Travel Insurance


    • Convinient travel insurance
    • Affordable rates
    • Includes baggage insurance
  4. AIG Business Travel Insurance


    • Tailor-made insurance cover
    • 24 hour emergency assistance
    • Apply online
  5. Chubb Business Travel Insurance


    • Affordable travel insurance
    • Can be reached globally
    • Various packages offered
  6. AA Insurance Business Travel Insurance

    AA Insurance

    • Affordable monthly premiums
    • Easy online application
    • Quick and easy services
  7. FNB Business Travel Insurance


    • Automatic travel insurance
    • 24 hour assistance
    • Quick online claims process
  8. Travel Insurance Consultants Business Travel Insurance

    Travel Insuranc...

    • Variety of insurance options
    • Affordable monthly rates
    • 24 hour emergency assistance
  9. Easy Travel Insurance Business Travel Insurance

    Easy Travel Ins...

    • Up to R100m travel cover
    • Range of cover options
    • Easy online claims