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About Travel Insurance Consultants

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) have been working with businesses for many years, to ensure their travellers are safe and protected during their business travels.

TIC is a registered member of the ASATA accreditation, and with over 25 years of experience in the industry, they understand the needs of their business travellers, from the minute they leave home.

A wide range of insurance options

Travel Insurance Consultants offer a wide range of business travel insurance options within their business travel cover insurance. They ensure no matter what obstacles affect your travel, they have you covered.

Travel Insurance Consultants have worldwide coverage, allowing you to be secure no matter where you travel, and are recognized on a global level.

Local and international Travel insurance

Whether you are travelling locally or internationally, they have the footprint and the capabilities to ensure you receive emergency assistance wherever you are when you need it. Your business can ensure your travellers are always in good hands on their travels. You can trust TIC to take care of your business travel insurance every time.

Travel Insurance Consultants Services

At Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC), their products are grouped consistently with unique services making your business travel simple and safe and in accordance with your travel policy requirements, as per business travel protocols.

Their wide range of business travel insurance options provides business travellers with first-class affordable travel cover for whatever and wherever their travels may take them.

Get proper Business travel cover insurance

Travelling to specific areas can often be risky. The risks of having our luggage stolen, laptop and mobile phone getting lost, or being involved in an emergency situation where you require medical treatment, may all be the reality of your trip.

There are also particular products for business travellers travelling on their own, or even as a group of 10 or more travellers. TIC has a product to suit your business travel cover insurance needs. Choose a product that covers your tour type, age, and organization needs and they will quickly and easily process your request.

TIC proudly offers Business travel insurance for

  • Leisure Travel
  • Business Travel
  • Local Travel

Travel Insurance Consultants – Business Travel Insurance

  • Product Business Travel Insurance
  • High Risk Areas
    Travelling to places that put you and your valuable and assets at risk is very stressful and can have a strain on your business. TIC consultants help you design a personalized policy for your business and employees needs.
  • You Are Covered Where Ever You Go
    Their business travel insurance policies covers you and your employees when you are travelling locally or when business is taking you overseas. They have assistance for you all over the world.

Benefits of Travel Insurance Consultants

  • Get Yourself And Your Employees Insured With Business Travel Insurance And Get The Following Benefits:
  • Medical and Related Expenses cover
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Journey Cancellation and Curtailment cover
  • We take care of the travel costs for a replacement employee to complete the assignment
  • You get cover if any of your trade samples gets damaged or lost
  • Full malaria cover in getting treated or prevention

Travel with confidence with TIC business insurance

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) cover your business travellers with their unique range of travel benefits, included in their business travel insurance.

When your business travellers are involved in unthinkable situations, which you are not expecting, they take over and ensure that they are safely protected from:

  • Loss or theft of luggage and valuable items (such as laptops, mobile devices, and any other valuables they are travelling with)
  • Travel Insurance Consultants take care of medical emergencies your travellers may undergo, including hospitalization or the need for medical treatment in situations that call for assistance
  • Flights that are delayed or cancelled during your travels, will ensure you are covered throughout these delays and safely put back on track with your travel requirements without any hassles in between.

3 decades of experience with Business travel insurance

Travel Insurance Consultants have the experience of almost three decades behind their services, which allow them to carry through the protection your travellers need at every point of their journey.

They have options for every kind of traveller, all with their own unique range of benefits. If you are a regular business traveller, you can receive a special discounted offer, with a profile that suits your requirements.

Travel Insurance Consultants can provide you with a complete online business travel insurance quote in just minutes. If you are satisfied you can seal the deal without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Extra Business travel cover insurance

If you are a traveller that is going abroad to do manual labour, you may also require extra cover, in case of any injuries that may occur. Travel Insurance Consultants cover all business travellers under the age of 75 years.

Business travel insurance for a group

They can offer your business special coverage for your travellers that travel in groups or need to visit multiple countries or travel on multiple occasions. If you need a higher level of cover or just a standard cover, they will assist you with determining the best cover option.

No excess fees

Travel Insurance Consultants will factor in the request for no excess on your claims, should you wish. They will provide a 24/7 emergency assistance helpline, as they know that you may incur an injury or need assistance at any time, especially when travelling in a different time zone.

TIC is here to support your business travel insurance needs, especially for the risk management of your travellers. They will ensure they provide the service you need to keep your travellers safe.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2021

Being an international tour guide I honestly don’t know what I would have done without TIC, they pay out every time without any issues.

Mariska. K
— Johannesburg —

September 2021

Meeting clients abroad happens about once a month for me and knowing that I have proper cover in place puts my mind at ease.

Matseleng. K
— Pretoria —

May 2021

They deliver great service and their processes are super-fast. A no-nonsense, reliable insurer I trust with my life.

Zaan. J
— Johannesburg —

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