InsurancePlus is a part of a network of websites established in South Africa in 2012 aimed at assisting consumers with insurance and personal finance decisions by offering advice, information and comparison of a large number of insurance and finance providers on the market.

As with most financial decisions, when taking out insurance, making the right decisions can save you thousands and even tens of thousands of Rands, but determining which are the best providers, most suitable, for your circumstances can be a lengthy process with a lot of unknowns along the way. We aim to demystify the process by providing comprehensive information and comparison data on the various option in the market to help you make your insurance decisions with confidence and understanding.

We provide comprehensive information on all types of insurance; including Life and Medical insurance, Business insurance, Property, Travel and Pet insurance.

Car Insurance could be the most important insurance for you when you live in South Africa, as without a car, you may be unable to travel to work, which will also put your job at risk. Ensure you understand and consider all of the policy details when you make a decision on the right insurer for your vehicle.

Life insurance could be the difference between normal life and poverty for the people that you leave behind if the worst was to happen to you. Life insurance can ensure that your home is paid off and your family are not left struggling. There are many variations of life insurance and it is important to ensure that you understand them prior to taking out a policy.

Business insurance will protect you against unforeseen circumstances and is crucial if your livelihood is dependent on your business and your ability to operate.

Home insurance will provide cover for these unforeseen situations that no one is prepared for, but happen more often then expected.

Medical aid is an absolute must in South Africa. While modern medicine is becoming more and more advanced, medical bills could run into hundreds of thousands and even millions in serious cases. Make sure that you are familiar with the small print accompanying your medical insurance policy.

Travel insurance is cover that can protect you in those unwanted circumstances that could easily ruin your holiday or business trip.

Pet insurance can save you a lot of heartache and expenses if your pets need any medical treatment. Many people that see is as unnecessary come to regret it one day.