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Protect yourself financially while maintaining good health with a medical aid plan, cover starts from as little as R485 per month while offering you a range of day-to-day as well as hospital benefits plus 24/7 medical advice.

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Affordable All-inclusive Medical Aid Plans for You & Your Family

Whether you are looking for a medical aid plan that will cover daily visits to the doctor, medication, and regular check-ups, or for medical emergencies, operations, and hospitalisation, find what you need by comparing these impeccable medical aid options.

Compare medical aid plans with affordable prices from only the best service providers in South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical aid that offers you comprehensive health care cover

Health care services provide you with a membership to a registered medical aid scheme to which you will pay a monthly premium.

Your membership ensures you are covered for various health expenses which include emergency treatment, hospitalisation, general preventative care, and medication.

How do medical schemes work?

Health care companies such as Discovery and Bonitas collect premiums from their members which are then used by the same members and their beneficiaries to pay for medical expenses.

Medical care services manage the money they collect from their members and their objective is to ensure their members have access to quality healthcare as needed, and that the medical payments are available and paid accordingly.

What does your Medical aid cover?

Any medical scheme will at the very least cover all the minimum prescribed benefits as set by the Medical Schemes Act which is a set list of conditions.

In addition to the PMB, your specific health provider plan will provide certain benefits and limits which will regulate what medical expenses you’ll be covered for.

Do you really need Medical aid?

The short answer is yes. With a strained and overburdened public healthcare system getting prompt, quality preventative and emergency medical care is best assured by making use of our elaborate private medical industry.

What are the minimum prescribed benefits?

Prescribed Minimum Benefits refer to a specified list of 271 medical conditions and 26 chronic conditions that all members must be covered. It also includes any life-threatening or emergency condition.

You can get onto a medical aid plan for just over R485 per month for a lower-tier plan and up to R7,500+ per month for the high-tier plans.

Can you get cover if you’re unemployed?

You can still become a member of a medical scheme in South Africa if you are unemployed and there are many affordable options to choose from.

You can get cover if you are self-employed and no medical scheme will reject you based solely on your employment status.

Can you be covered by more than one company?

You may not have more than one medical aid membership as this would be considered fraudulent and could result in your membership being terminated by both scheme providers.

How do I apply for Medical aid?

To apply for a plan you will need to provide a copy of your ID or passport and a completed membership application form. If the service provider requires any further information or documentation such as medical records, they will request these later.

Can you be refused a membership?

You may not be refused membership based on your age or based on the existence of any pre-existing conditions.

A child under the age of 18 years cannot be the principal member of a scheme so you cannot get a medical plan only for a child.

What is a late joiner fee?

If you are over the age of 35 years and were not a medical scheme member or beneficiary on or before the 1 of April 2001 or had a gap in cover for more than three consecutive months after this date you will be charged a late-joiner fee.

The late joiner fee is calculated based on the number of years that a person was not part of a medical plan after the age of 35. The penalties are as follows:

  • 1 to 4 years – 5%
  • 5 to 14 years – 25%
  • 15 to 24 years – 50%
  • 25 years or more – 75%

Are you covered for medical expenses immediately?

A medical aid provider will cover you immediately for any emergency medical treatments but may impose a 3 to 12 month waiting period on pre-existing conditions.

What is the difference between Medical aid and a Hospital plan?

The main difference is that hospital plans will only cover you for in-hospital treatment and have no day-to-day benefits while a medical plan will cover you for in and out-of-hospital treatments with a range of day-to-day benefits.

A medical aid plan will provide you with more comprehensive cover and is advisable for children and the elderly who have greater day-to-day medical care needs.

Hospital plans are ideal for those who are young and healthy and are looking for emergency-care cover only.

How can you compare schemes from different providers?

You can compare medical plans online, by using an insurance quote comparison website, or by making use of a broker or consultant who will help you select the best option for your needs and budget at no cost to you.

How to choose the best plan?

Choosing a health care provider is a matter of accessing your needs and budget and finding the plan that best suits you.

You should ask yourself how much cover you and your dependents need as well as how much you’re willing to spend on premiums before selecting a plan.

The top 5 companies in South Africa by number

  1. Discovery Health with 2.8 million beneficiaries
  2. Bonitas with just over 700,000 beneficiaries
  3. Momentum Health with 300,000 beneficiaries
  4. Medihelp with just over 200,000 beneficiaries
  5. Bestmed Medical Scheme with just under 200,000 beneficiaries

Who is the best Medical aid provider in South Africa?

Based on the number of members, the best medical aid provider in South Africa is Discovery with 1.3 million members and close to 3 million beneficiaries. Bonitas comes in second place with 300,000 members and over 700,000 beneficiaries.

That said numerous customer surveys have pegged Bestmed and Medihelp as leaders when it comes to service excellence and quality care.

Who regulates Medical aid plans?

Medical scheme companies such as Discover, Bonitas, and Momentum are all regulated by the Medical Schemes Act and the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS).

The Council for Medical Schemes is a statutory body that supervises and regulates the private health sector and more than 80 medical schemes.

How can I make a complaint against my Medical aid provider?

You can make a complaint against your medical scheme company through the CMS which is the regulatory body established by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998.

Complaints can be made online via the CMS website, via email, or by post and you should get acknowledgement of your complaint in writing within 3 days of receipt. Within 4 days of providing this acknowledgement, they will review it and send it through to the medical scheme involved for comment.

The company concerned will then be obliged to provide a written response to the complaint within 30 days. The CMS will then have to conclude within 210 working days after it has received all the relevant information and evidence.

How can you cancel your cover?

You will need to provide your medical aid scheme with 30 days’ notice that you intend to cancel your membership which can be done through their call centre or via email.

List of companies offering Medical Aid

  1. Discovery Health Medical Aid

    Discovery Healt...

    • Unmatched medical aid
    • Fast online quotes
    • Affordable premiums
  2. Bonitas Medical Aid


    • Starting from R1,338
    • Easy online access
    • Unbeatable premiums
  3. Fedhealth Medical Aid


    • Starting from R945
    • No waiting periods
    • Instant hospital cover
  4. Momentum Medical Aid


    • Starting from R1,424
    • Call for free quotes
    • Hardworking staff
  5. Affinity Health Medical Aid

    Affinity Health

    • Best medical aid cover
    • Money saving premiums
    • 24 hour services
  6. Liberty Medical Aid Medical Aid

    Liberty Medical...

    • Medical aid simplified
    • Affordable premiums
    • Family plans available
  7. Medshield Medical Aid


    • Customized medical aid
    • Unbeatable premiums
    • Instant pay out
  8. Polmed Medical Aid


    • Medical aid just for you
    • Get your family covered
    • Hassle free online quotes
  9. Oneplan Medical Aid


    • Competitive medical aid
    • Instant claims
    • Free quotation
  10. Profmed Medical Aid


    • Unmatched medical aid
    • Amazing discounts
    • Get cover for your family
  11. GetSavvi Medical Aid


    • Instant medical cover
    • 24 Hour assistance
    • Quick application process
  12. Genesis Medical Aid Medical Aid

    Genesis Medical...

    • Best medical aid prices
    • Request a call back
    • Quick medical aid quotes
  13. Day1 Health Medical Aid

    Day1 Health

    • Cover starting from R325
    • Cheaper premiums
    • Easy application process
  14. Elixi Medical Aid


    • Elite medical aid
    • Always available online
    • Executive individual premiums
  15. Umvuzo Health Medical Aid

    Umvuzo Health

    • Comprehensive medical aid
    • Flexible medical cover
    • Affordable premiums
  16. Chubb Medical Aid


    • Best priced medical aid
    • Talk to us anytime
    • Easy application process
  17. Genric Insurance Medical Aid

    Genric Insuranc...

    • Medical aid for you
    • Quotes free of charge
    • Affordable premiums
  18. Universal Healthcare Medical Aid

    Universal Healt...

    • Medical aid for anyone
    • Emergency assistance
    • Free quotes call now
  19. Insurance co za Medical Aid

    Insurance co za

    • Low budget medical aid
    • Variety of premiums
    • Easy online application
  20. Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme Medical Aid

    Nedgroup Medica...

    • Preferred medical aid
    • Always available
    • Free online quotes
  21. CompliMed Health Insurance Medical Aid

    CompliMed Healt...

    • Medical aid for all
    • No medical exams
    • Affordable cover for you
  22. Essential Med Health Medical Aid

    Essential Med H...

    • Compare medical aids
    • Flexible cover
    • No hidden costs
  23. Sizwe Hosmed Medical Aid

    Sizwe Hosmed

    • Fast cover medical aid
    • No hassle application
    • Premiums just for you
  24. Fussell & Associates Medical Aid

    Fussell & Assoc...

    • Medical aid for travelers
    • Affordable premiums
    • Quick online access
  25. Insurance Hound Medical Aid

    Insurance Hound

    • Flexible medical aid
    • Get an online quote
    • Easily compare different options