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About Profmed

Profmed is a medical aid, a restricted medical aid and one of South Africa's largest if not the largest one.

It is restricted or closed and is only available to a select group of individuals.  This group of individuals must have some form of tertiary education qualification.  It is also available to individuals who have just begun their formal tertiary education.

Profmed plans

Profmed offers a full range of medical aid options that extend to anyone from a low to a high salary bracket. This means that any professional at the early stages of their careers and studies and to the more experienced professionals that are starting families and/or have growing families will have a range of options to choose from for the kind of medical aid that will suit them and their families.

Profmed Services

In order to choose a cover that best suits you, you should take a look at your needs will help narrow down which plan will be efficient for you and for the amount you can afford to spend each month.

The plans which Profmed offer from least expensive to most expensive and comprehensive plans are as follows

  • Proactive
  • Proactive plus
  • Prosecure
  • Prosecure plus
  • Pro Pinnacle

Profmed also offers something called a Savvy option on each of these plans. This allows each medical aid plan to be slightly cheaper at the cost of only using Profmeds DSPN (Designated Service Provider Network) and co-payments of R10000 when using hospitals outside of their DSPN.

Profmed – Medical Aid

  • Product Medical Aid
  • Who qualifies?
    If you have a tertiary qualification and you are working in your profession then you may qualify for a medical aid from Profmed
  • Cover for international travel
    Your Profmed medical aid makes sure you are covered while you are travelling outside of SA
  • Profmed Baby
    Profmed knows that having a newborn at home is difficult, that is why they will send a nurse to you at six weeks.

Benefits of Profmed

  • No co-payments or deposits on hospital admissions
  • Sabbatical - Profmed offers you the opportunity to stop paying your medical aid if you decide to go and work overseas. 
  • Cover for adventure and sport 
  • Live chat on the website offers you the opportunity to speak to a consultant while you are on the website. They can help you with the options available and the costs involved. 
  • Easily compare options by choosing any two options that interest you and then you will be able to see them side by side. 

Get medical cover today.

The Proactive plan is the first and cheapest option on that Profmed offer with rates starting at R1923 for adults and R749 for any child dependents with the Savvy option available bringing the cost for each down by about R200.

The benefit of the Proactive plan is that it is suited for young professionals at the cusp of their studies or career. These benefits include:

  • Hospitalizations at an unlimited use but limited to network hospitals for Savvy plans
  • 100% of the tariff of specific tariff at GP’s and specialists.
  • 100% of Profmed tariff for CT & MRI scans with a limit of 2 investigations per family.
  • For dentist cover in hospital Profmed cover 135% of Profmeds tariff and 100% of dentistry in networked hospitals
  • Maternity benefits include in-hospital benefits and general wards at network hospitals, with medication procedures and any other maternity-related treatment all depending on the option
  • Chronic medication is included in the plan
  • A Multiply wellness and rewards Programme

The more expensive the plan the more extensive it will become too, as is the case with any health cover. With the Pro Pinnacle plan offering up 300% Profmed tariff for day-to-day benefits such as doctor visits.

Profmed baby

The Profmed Baby programme is available as an option to all Profmed members, you can simply sign up on the Profmed app and register your baby as a beneficiary on the app. This program gives members benefits such as an Ice-Tag. The Ice-Tag (In Case of Emergency Tag) can be attached to a baby’s car seat, and nappy strap. This will be used in the case of a medical emergency, to help get your baby the necessary medical assistance but will not give out the child’s personal information to keep them safe and secure.

As soon as you register your baby on Profmed the Ice-Tag will be made available to you along with Profmeds gift basket that you get to select. Profmed will also send out advice from experts to help assist you with a newborn both during pregnancy and after. The New Baby & Child Care handbook for first-time parents will be given to members who register for the first time of Profmed baby. And finally, as a small gift to help with knowing when immunizations must take place, they will hand you a small fridge magnet with a guide as published by the Department of Health.

6 weeks of postnatal home visits benefit

As a benefit of being on the Pro Secure, Pro Secure Plus, and Pro Pinnacle plans (including savvy options) a registered nurse will come to you to administer immunizations to your newborn baby, assisting you by not having to leave the house in the early stages postnatal.

Multiply wellness & rewards

With Multiply as a benefit to all plans, you as a member get to receive early discounts from their selected range of partners.  This rewards system will be especially useful for those with specific health and lifestyle goals.

How to apply

Applications for Profmed are fairly simple, you can visit their website on www.profmed.co.za. The website portal has a variety of plans that will appear right away, clicking on any of these plans will give you a brief overview of what the benefits are for each one, along with a short form that you can fill in, this will allow a consultant to contact you to discuss and answer any questions you have about Profmed and how it works.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2020

I'm impressed with their helpful staff and the way they pay close attention to detail when it comes to customizing a premium for you.

Andile M
— Mthatha —

July 2020

They give you full hospital cover no need for you to stress about additional charges that might kill you quicker than your illness.

Leratho J
— Soweto —

February 2021

Seeing that this is such a large company their cost is way lower than the rest and they have a fast system getting you applied and covered with a small waiting period.

Amanda H
— Johannesburg —

Profmed Contact

Physical Address

  • Profmed Place First Floor 15 Eton Road Parktown Johannesburg Gauteng 2193 South Africa
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Postal Address

  • P.O. Box 1004 Houghton , Johannesburg, 2041, South Africa

Opening Hours

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