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About Liberty Medical Aid

Get quality and value for your money with Liberty Health South Africa’s insurance industry experts.

They provide adaptable, affordable, and secure insurance options for clients throughout the country.

Top of the range Medical aid plans

By putting your health in their hands, you will receive cover that adds financial cover as well as a partner at hand, when you need them. Liberty cares about its clients, throughout every aspect of its partnership. This is a quality trait that Liberty possesses in every service they offer.

Medical aid, risk management

They look at risk management when it comes to creating a service that their clients could benefit from. Liberty Health uses tested processes, and highly recommended cover options, that they know would be best for the people they serve in the country.

Liberty Health aims to provide more to its clients than what they put in. The medical aid they offer is very high on the list of leading insurers in South Africa especially when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Liberty Medical Aid Services

Liberty Health understands the challenges that life can bring forth unexpectedly and at a time when we are not financially ready.

They also know that the cost of healthy living, as well as medical bills, can add extra and unnecessary weight to your shoulders. If you have medical aid, you can use their cover as a medical savings plan, to claim back for those times when your medical aid just doesn’t support the costs involved.

Liberty Health's best Medical aid quotes 

They can provide the best as they don’t idealise the payment of specific codes, or preferred doctor’s lists as most medical aids do. They will provide you with a lump sum of what you have spent in total, this will help you to get the most out of your health cover.

Medical aid cover you can trust

Together they create a trusted and competitive insurance option for their clients. Liberty Health clients can be individuals with families, businesses, and corporations that need insurance cover to meet their health needs.

Liberty Medical Aid – Medical Aid

  • Product Medical Aid
  • Medical scheme cover
    Liberty allows you to fill in a form with your details so that they can match you with one of their medical aid partners
  • Gap Cover
    If you are currently a member of a registered South African medical scheme then you can apply for Liberty gap cover
  • Liberty Medical Premium Waiver
    Liberty offers you the opportunity to keep paying the premiums of your medical aid or gap cover if you die or a disabled.

Benefits of Liberty Medical Aid

  • Insurance - Liberty offers a comprehensive list of insurances that you can build into a portfolio. These include critical illness, disability cover, funeral cover, income protection and life protection. 
  • Invest - Liberty can help you invest your money for the future. They offer offshore investment options, retirement annuities and pension funds. Comprehensive short term insurance for car, home, personal liability and on-the-go which covers handbags, cell phones and other items that we always have with us in and out of the house. 
  • Online solutions - on the liberty website you can request a quote or a call back to discuss the cover that you need. 

Health insurance options that meet your health and lifestyle needs

They can facilitate whatever insurance needs you have, and their benefits come through as some of the best in the industry to clients all over the world.

Medical aid plans to meet your health needs

Liberty Medical Gap Cover & Liberty Medical Premium Waiver provides medical aid insurance options that will keep you and your family healthy by covering your medical bills. Liberty’s health insurance acts as an extra medical savings account that covers those medical bills.

Liberty health covers you

We all know how costly a hospital stay can be, often, your medical insurance won’t fit the entire bill. This is why Liberty offers a unique savings measure, which covers those shortfalls, which occur more often than none.

They also offer an additional Extended Medical Premium Waiver, Extended Cancer Cover, and Extended Dentistry Cover for your extra medical requirements.

Covering the Medical aid gap

The Liberty Medical Gap Cover and Premium Waiver cater for shortfalls between what medical schemes pay and what healthcare companies charge in line with the medical rates and ICD coded charges.

Liberty health will cover you in case of an accident

Road Accident Family Protection Plan (RAF) is offered through Liberty, protecting clients in unforeseen circumstances on the road. Liberty Road Accident Protection Plan affords cover in your medical and associated fees if you are injured in any twist of fate on a South African public road.

They understand your struggles and Medical aid needs

More and more South Africans are enjoying the benefit of having that extra financial backup for Liberty Health for their medical shortfalls. The medical industry has become so tight with regulatory rules, and specific practitioners that they cover, that many clients are ending up paying more for medical care than what their medical aids are paying.

By paying minimal premiums each month, Liberty will work with you to allow those gaps to be covered, no matter what.

No need for extra stress, just extra Medical aid

Liberty will also work with your hospital, to secure payment on long stays, with an authorization number, easily obtained by calling their consultants and getting fast and effective service delivery, when you don’t need that added stress in your life.

Let Liberty take your health insurance to another level, and offer you the financial support you need to cover you when others won’t. Get a medical insurance quote today and see just how affordable Liberty Health’s comprehensive plans are.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2021

Got a comparative quote from them today, and I am not going to look any further as their prices are so great for the cover I am getting.

Juan. V
— Durban —

September 2021

Best service delivery and quickest claims process, I am a very happy client of Liberty Health.

Itumeleng. T
— Port Elizabeth —

November 2021

Getting an all-in-one life solution from them, for my family’s health and financial needs and goals was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Hans. T
— Durban —

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