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About AA Insurance

The Automobile Association (AA) established its name in the South African continent in 1905, with a vision to provide a service that was unparalleled in the market.

Since then, they have managed to reach their dream, and with the help of a team of skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced members, they continue to flourish with value-added services for their clients.

Quality and service driven Business travel cover

To date, AA Insurance has serviced over 15 million South Africans with game-changing business travel insurance and car insurance. They provide a quality-driven service, combined with skill and a passion for helping people. They are known for so many historical moments throughout their history and they are proud of their achievements.

Making things happen with AA insurance

People know AA Insurance for combining the motor industry with insurance, lifestyle, and leisure and managing to combine the lot together universally to create a solution for clients.

They take ideas and make them happen, and will do the same for every new client they serve. AA Insurance provides reliable and affordable car and business travel cover insurance.

AA Insurance Services

AA Insurance can be your saving grace when it comes to insurance.

If you are running a business that requires your employees to be on the road quite often, their business travel insurance options are a must-have for your company.

Easy to work with AA Business travel insurance

Most of their services and applications are covered online through technology-based platforms, making their clients' lives a lot easier. When you are running a business, you don’t have time to sit in appointments and waste precious time in meetings.

AA gets things done fast

They provide a streamlined process to avoid time wasted and get your business needs to be insured in fast turnaround times. Visit the AA Insurance website to view all their business insurance options, and experience how they will bring value to your business.

A solution to your Travel insurance needs

They understand what risks can play a part in hampering your business from moving forward smoothly. They take the risk management process and create a solution to your business insurance needs. They have a helpline available to their clients whenever they need assistance.

AA Insurance – Business Travel Insurance

  • Product Business Travel Insurance

Benefits of AA Insurance

  • Travel Insurance
  • Business travel

AA Insurance - Invests in your business travel needs

AA Insurance is known throughout the country for its high standards and impeccable services in the automobile industry.

These accolades are carried through in their business travel cover insurance offered to their business clients.

Covering all angles with Business travel insurance

AA Insurance understands how difficult it is to run a business and try to keep all your assets safe and undamaged. The costs involved in setting up your business can exceed the amounts we dream of at times.

The last thing you need is a burglary or damage to your property or the contents thereof. This is why they cover all aspects of your business, to ensure you never lose out financially on what you have put into building your empire.

They cover business vehicles

AA Insurance covers your vans, trucks, and cars for breakdown, theft, and any other damages that may occur whilst on working duty or during working hours.

Your business could rely on the transporting of goods, transporting people, or visiting clients by travelling from town to town. They know that without your vehicle, your business can lose precious time and money should your vehicle be unable to run properly, or even be stolen.

Vehicle & Business travel insurance experts

AA Insurance is the vehicle experts as well as vehicle insurance experts to rely on. They understand time is money and will process your business vehicle claim in the fastest turnaround times.

If your vehicle has a smashed windscreen, and a part that has completely fallen off or destroyed, AA Insurance will begin with the claiming process, to ensure the vehicle is back to normal in no time.

24-hour roadside assistance

Another added benefit AA Insurance provides is 24-hour roadside assistance, should something happen to your vehicle while you are on the road. They will send one of their assistants to wherever you are and assist you with your vehicle problems on the spot.

The same will be offered through accident management. Should you be involved in an accident during work hours, AA Insurance will assist with a tow truck and whatever else you need to get back on track. They will immediately start with the claim process on damaged vehicles, or should they be a right off, start with a process to replace your vehicle.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

Our company has a lot of people travelling all the time and the AA gave us the best Business travel insurance cover.

Allan. C
— Durban —

June 2021

We struggled to get the best business travel insurance for our workers, the AA provided us with the best solution.

Zanelle. X
— Johanneesburg —

May 2021

They have stolen all our business luggage with laptops and equipment on our travels, the AA helped us to keep our business going.

Peter. M
— Durban —

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