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About – FlightSite

When you travel for business purposes, FlightSite is the quality driven and experienced insurer that will assist you with your business travel insurance needs in South Africa.

We have the benefit of being able to provide our clients with innovative technology resources, allowing efficient, fast and dependable risk management protection to our business clients.

Global Partners Available to Help

We have the widest choice of partners throughout the globe, offering assistance in every aspect should your business travellers require it.

Cover for Medical Expenses

For medical emergencies for example, we have someone on the ground wherever you are, to assist you with the arrangements needed to keep your traveller safe with the necessary treatment.

Meeting your Needs at Affordable Rates

We provide complete business travel cover throughout your journey allowing your business to choose the services and products which meet your necessities at unbeatable rates.

It is simple and quick to make all your business preparations when on the move no matter where you travel to.

Services – FlightSite

We know that in the business environment, there are many risk factors to consider, and travelling can be one area where you need specific cover, to protect your employees.

Covered Financially

Flightsite have created business travel insurance that keeps your travellers safe, with a unique product that covers all the risks.

When you organise travel arrangements for your business travellers, the only thing you need to make your trip complete is business travel insurance.

Business Travel is on the Increase

In today’s professional environment, with business travel increasing, travellers need to have some kind of security in place that will cover them in the event of a medical emergency, lost or stolen luggage, or anything else that could go wrong during your trip.

Special Rates for Multiple Employees

Your business can get an affordable negotiated rate should you have multiple travellers, or frequent travellers making use of your insurance for business purposes.

Keep your employees protected the minute their plane leaves the ground, at FlightSite, we have your business insurance needs covered.

Summary of Services

  • Business Travel Insurance

Flightsite - your Business Insurance Partner for Life

Why do you need business travel insurance from FlightSite? FlightSite give our clients the Peace of mind that no matter what happens during your business travel, you are covered.

Medical Emergency Cover

We cover you in the event of a medical emergency, ensuring you are provided with the medical assistance you need to allow you to come home safely.

We provide R25 000 000 medical cover on your insurance, for medical emergencies or any medical requirements during your travels. 

Delayed or Cancelled Flights

We cover our business clients up to the amount of R20 000 for flights that have been delayed or cancelled.

We also offer a lost luggage claim offer, in case your bags go get your business travel insurance, simply click on the prompts online from our website.

Get an Insurance Quote Online

Get an online insurance quote and enter your travel details followed by price update. If you happy with the quoted price, click buy now and you can proceed to payment. You get your business travel insurance in minutes, and are safely on your way. 

Need to Call us? We'll Pay!

If you are abroad, and need to get hold of one of our consultants, you can simply make use of our reverse charge option; we will fit the charge on the call.

Our call centre is available 24/7, so we can assist you whenever or wherever you are.

Need to Make a Claim?

If you need to claim on your business insurance, simply follow the simple steps on your website, everything can be done online for your convenience and to speed up the process for you.

Claims must be reported and submitted within 60 days of the incident. We pay out our claims fast, and you can have your insurance pay out within 5 to 10 working days.

Should your claim need supporting documentation, we will inform you. This is usually if an incident has been reported to the police station, which would require a police report, or if you have been admitted into hospital, a medical report would suffice.

Claim while Still Abroad

If you are travelling abroad, you don’t need to be back on home soil to claim. With the internet allowing access to our website at any destination, you can claim at any point or destination you are at.

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Ph: 0860 232 425 / (021) 402 0048

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