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About – Hollard

Hollard is one of South Africa’s most well known insurance companies, giving thousands of clients around the country access to car, life and funeral insurance through easily accessible online platforms.

We have the financial stability and a turnover of more than R15 billion, securing our company as one of the largest in the industry.

A Partner for Life

Clients can rely on Hollard for a life time of services which take care of every aspect of their insurance needs. Hollard know the insurance industry better than anyone.

We have ongoing training carried through our divisions on a continuous basis, keeping our staff informed on the latest and most essential insurance trends in the market.

Long & Short Term Insurance for all

We carry our knowledge through to our motor vehicle insurance and all produtcs foe every customer we assist. We have licenses to implement long term or short term cover investing in the specific customised needs of each of our clients.

We provide speciality cover for a range of requirements, from life to death, and everything inbetween like travel insurance and long term care cover

Services – Hollard

Hollard car insurance offers clients the convenience of cover for any damages you may acquire on your car.

We cover our clients with comprehensive insurance options that meet the demanding needs of their unpredictable lifestyles.

Cover when you Need it

Hollard will cover your car in the case of any damages caused by an accident, theft and damages to your vehicle in attempted robbery or hijacking. These are all stark realities in South Africa and must be dealt with accordingly.

Don’t get caught off guard, you never know when you will need to be covered, and car damages can really put a knock in your bank balance.

You can trust any of our 3000 team members in the country, with your home, car, funeral and life insurance needs today!

We cover areas where many other insurance companies don’t, such as:

  • Natural weather disasters like floods, fire, hail and explosions
  • We cover South African car drivers who drive for personal or business
  • We provide an accidental death cover free of charge with your car insurance
  • We have a third party claim cover in case the accident was your fault

Summary of Services

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance 
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • Caravan Insurance 
  • Motorcycle Insurance 
  • Car Insurance 
  • Third-party Cover 
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Full Insurance Car Cover

Hollard Covers your Assets for those Unpredictable Times

Hollard knows the complications that come with owning a vehicle. The wear and tear on your tyres. The scratches on your doors and hail damages from an unexpected storm.

Minor to the complications of being involved in a vehicle accident, or getting your car stolen. These are the realities of life, and out of our hands in most circumstances.

Your Best Move

This is why getting your vehicle covered with Hollard, is your best move. This protection can save you thousands of Rands, long term, as it will allow you to get your vehicle repaired immediately. This is an added bonus which comes with having Hollard auto insurance in place.

Additional Cover at no Cost

We also include a free death cover for an accident that could claim the life of someone who is in the car with you at the time of a collision.

We cover third party up to R10 million, which pays for damages, legal implications and if you are responsible for the accident.

Key Benefits of Hollard Car Insurance include:

  • In the event of your car being stolen, or damaged in an attempt to steal your vehicle, Hollard will cover the damages and theft.
  • We cover cars should they be damaged in severe weather conditions, natural disasters and fires.
  • We provide 24 hour road side assistance, including towing services if you break down on the side of the road.

How to make a Claim

To claim on your insurance, clients can make use of our toll free land line number, or the call me back option. Our consultants will be in touch with you immediately, as we know, if there is an emergency, we need to assist straight away. Get an online insurance quote from Hollard today, and get covered tomorrow.

Be Prepared for Anything

An accident can happen in the blink of an eye! Being covered for such a catastrophe will allow you to be covered for the damages, get paid out for a new vehicle, or to have the repairs done, and you can also qualify to get a vehicle to use while your car is being repaired. The choice is simple, the insurance is effective, the prices are affordable! Call Hollard today!

 Contact Details

22 Oxford Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2140, South Africa
Ph: 351 5000 / 011 351 4531
Fx: 0866 43 44 36
Em: travelinsurance@hollardti.co.za

 Postal Address

PO Box 87 419, Houghton, 2041, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 17:00
  • Wednesday 08:00 – 17:00
  • Thursday 08:00 – 17:00
  • Friday 08:00 – 17:00
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