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About – PSG Online

PSG car insurance in South Africa allows clients to access all their car insurance needs in one spot. PSG offers all the inclusivity and benefits you need to ensure your car is insured in the best possible way.

Taking Care of you

We are able to assist with all our clients’ financial needs, including your car insurance requirements.

PSG was established in 1998, and since then have flourished in the business world of financial and insurance.

We owe our success to the motivated and passionate staff we have employed in our team, who continuously delivers on a service deliver higher than expected of our clients.

Quality and Attention to Detail

Our quality and attention to detail when it comes to meeting your requirements is above the exceptional standards we portray in our training and development of our consultants.

We always go above and beyond. You can expect the best when partnering with PSG for your car insurance needs.

Services – PSG Online

PSG Car Insurance in South Africa saves clients the trauma and the financial stress of dealing with damages to your vehicle. We know how costly a scratch or dent can be to be repaired on your car.

Cover with a Difference

Imagine having to have a full body repair after a hail storm, or after you involved in an accident.

We know the costs; we know the complications that are why we provide our clients with auto cover that provides for and protects you in these times.

Comprehensive Car Insurance 

Our comprehensive car insurance covers you for almost anything that could possibly happen to your car.

Theft, weather damage such as hail, floods, fire or explosion, hijacking or an accident.

We also provide third party insurance cover as well as the value added benefits such as windscreen and tyre repairs.

We have custom car insurance to suit just about anyone, and any risk. Contact us today.

Summary of Services

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance 
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • Caravan Insurance 
  • Motorcycle Insurance 
  • Car Insurance 
  • Third-party Cover 
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Full Insurance Car Cover

PSG Car Insurance - Revolutionising the Value in Insurance Cover

PSG Car Insurance in South Africa offers clients wealth and asset management facilities along with the offering of car insurance which works in line with all our products. Car insurance is one of the most valuable assets you can have when owning a motor vehicle.

We Assist you when Applying

PSG provides South Africans with vehicle insurance through a firm which is totally focused on the needs of a vehicle owner. We assist our clients throughout the entire online insurance application process to enable you to get the benefits that will add value to you.

Simple and Easy to Understand

We tailor make and create a solution which our clients accept through our online application processes. We make the entire process simple, and easy to understand. Our terms and conditions are clear, with transparency and honesty.

We Tell it Like it is

No hidden agenda, no frills and fluff, just the facts. Knowing you are covered in the event of natural weather disasters, dents, scratches, theft, high jacking and accidents, will take away the financial strain that goes with replacing and repairing of the damages.

Well Known for Good Reasons

We are well known in the country for our service offering and offer online insurance quotes. We protect you against the harsh outcomes of the uncertainty and stress which comes with any car insurance claim. Our process for claiming is aligned with our promise to deliver fast convenient service.

How to Claim 

Claims can be activated by contacting our consultants on our provided telephone number on our website, and we will assist you fast. We will assist with getting quotations of damages to your vehicle, through our preferred panel beater providers.

They will provide an estimate on the damages and we will get them sorted out. We help wherever we can to assist with the recover, and repairs to your vehicle so you don’t have to deal with the stress that goes with the insurance side of things.

Customer Care and Support

If you are hijacked, involved in an accident or ned medical assistance from your injuries, we will assist in a percentage of those medical bills, or assist with getting you the treatment you need. We assist wherever we can, to provide an over and above customer care for our car insurance clients.

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27 Sloane St, Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng, 2191, South Africa
Ph: 011 996 5200 / (011) 996 5200
Fx: (011) 996 5495

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PO Box 1899, Witkoppen, 2068, South Africa

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