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About – AON

AON is a top insurance brand known across the globe for our solutions which match the needs of clients everywhere. Advantages of partnering with AON are that we understand the risk factors faced to clients on a daily basis.

Assessing your Needs

Risks go hand in hand with the type of insurance cover you would need. We assess our client’s needs, and provide a car insurance solution with a difference. Another advantage of partnering with us is our client centric focus.

We align ourselves to the needs of our clients, and deliver an exceptional service quality, which is carried through from top management right down.

There from Application to Claim

We are highly involved with every need our clients have, and from application to claim, we are there to guide you through each process.

We make getting insurance easy, we make claiming simple and we create a partnership for clients that need that VIP treatment. Our business structure ensures we can assist all clients throughout South Africa, no matter where they are located.

Services – AON

AON car insurance is your all-inclusive auto policy that covers all your insurance needs in a way that is precise, comprehensive and affordable.

We assist clients with fast and easy to understand terms in regards to whichever option they prefer, and our premiums are in line with your budget.

From Theft to Hail

We offer car insurance options that cover you for vehicle theft, hail, flooding, fire, high jacking, and third party claims.

Clients spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and more often than ever, damages caused to your car can happen through another driver, or something which is out of our control.

Cover when it's Needed Most

There are risks of every calibre to anyone driving a vehicle. Risks we take for granted and often aren’t even aware of.

Don’t be caught with the financial strain of having to pay for damages out of your own pocket.

Get covered with AON, we will protect you. Contact Us today and get the insurance cover you need to cover you for those vehicle mishaps that may occur.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance

AON Provides Unbeatable Car Insurance Benefits

AON car insurance always looks at how they can help their clients. Financially, your car can bring about many financial aspects that can leave your pocket empty.

We have implemented best in class car insurance that alleviates that financial burden that goes alongside of car damages and theft.

Contact us Quickly and Easily

Our experienced team of consultants can be reached via telephone or email, and we will answer you in a quick turnaround time.

Your voice is important to us, whether you enquiring about an insurance option, querying your current profile, just needing information, we will always make the time to contact you in your concerns.

We also have a convenient footprint through South Africa, with branches located throughout the country. Clients have the convenience to find a branch near them and can have a face to face appointment with our consultant team.

We can Meet your Needs

Whatever your vehicle insurance need, we can accommodate it. Claims can easily be processed, by contacting one of our consultants through the contact number provided on our website.

You can also email us, any time you like. We encourage clients to submit their claim to us as soon as an incident occurs.

Claiming for Vehicle Theft

Should your car be stolen, we will require a police report along with your claim form. Claim forms can be downloaded directly from our website.

We will assist you with finding a panel beater from our list of preferred suppliers, in order to cut unnecessary costs.  

Third Party Cover

We also cover third party claims, which is in line with your terms and conditions of your car insurance policy. Each policy option we provide has its own unique set of benefits, and value adds for our clients.

We work quickly with our claims, to ensure you don’t have to be without your vehicle for too long whilst it’s being repaired.

Your Rental is on us

We can also arrange a rental vehicle for you if your car is going to take a while.

Everything you expect from a world class insurance company is available in South Africa through AON Insurance. Let us provide you with the insurance solution you need to cover your car essentials get an online insurance quote online today!

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Ph: 011 944 7000

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