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About – Discovery

Discovery is known in the country for our healthy approach to life, with superior medical aid programs, and tailored solutions in every sphere, to look over you and your family.

But what about your valuables?

Shouldn’t they be cared for as well? Discovery takes care of everything in your life, including your car! Discovery have invested years of research, trials and errors and have established an insurance cover for every stage or aspect of your life.

What people love about our services, is that through every step of the way, clients get to deal with real people. We love our clients, and offer a valuable face to face service, wherever they are.

Our people are empowered through knowledge, and know our products well. We offer the most up to date and innovative services - ensuring that you get the latest and greatest car insurance products.

Why we're a Market Leader:

  • Making people healthier
  • Our Values
  • Great people
  • Liberating the best in people
  • Intellectual leadership
  • Drive, tenacity and urgency
  • Innovation and optimism
  • Business astuteness and prudence
  • Dazzle clients
  • Integrity, honesty and fairness

Over 5.1 Million Clients

Discovery is a shared value insurance company whose purpose and ambition are achieved through a pioneering business model that incentivises people to be healthier, and enhances and protects their lives.

Services – Discovery

Discovery Car insurance Classic Plan will take your car insurance needs to a whole new level. What makes our car insurance options so unique are our NO EXCESS benefits!

A Feature for Everyone

This feature is hardly found anywhere else, however, Discovery are able to provide this exclusive offer to all clients.

This will offer car cover if are involved in car high jacking, fire, car theft, sever weather conditions like hail, snow floods, earthquakes and so on.

Third Party Damages

This also applies to any accidents which are caused by third parties who are insured. We offer our clients a 30 day car hire when you are waiting for your car damages to be repaired.

As well as a voucher to the value of R1500 for the use of Uber, should you prefer to acquire the driven services instead of a car hire.

A Shared Value Insurance Model

We have all you need when it comes to car insurance. The little added value tweaks we add include our Vatalitydrive – which rewards our clients for driving well!

Our shared value insurance model delivers better health and value for clients, superior actuarial dynamics for the insurer, and a healthier society.

A Unique Approach that Works

Our unique approach car, medical and life insurance has underpinned our success globally, with substantial new business growth and an impressive increase in normalised operating profit and headline earnings.

Summary of Services

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance 
  • Watercraft Insurance
  • Caravan Insurance 
  • Motorcycle Insurance 
  • Car Insurance 
  • Third-party Cover 
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Full Insurance Car Cover

Discovery Care Insurance Stands Above the Rest

Discovery Insure is easier than ever to activate. Clients can conveniently contact our experienced team of consultants directly through our toll free number, complete our online insurance quote form and submit, or we can offer you a personal one on one with one of our expert consultants who can pay you a little visit to discuss your needs.

Making Time for you

It’s so easy, and we always make the time for our clients. Our plans are easy and understandable with our transparent terms and conditions pertaining to each plan.

We have different options such as the Dynamic Plan Car Insurance option, which was designed with your budget in mind. This plan is available for clients who want a simple motor vehicle insurance, at an affordable premium.

Get a 12% Discount

Discovery health members, who are earning vitality points, can enjoy the added benefit of getting 12% discount, based on their vitality programme. This is a massive savings on your premiums. We do provide a number of options when it comes to car and life insurance, of which we will discuss in detail.

Completing your Application

When completing your application, clients are to be aware of the honesty is the best policy process. By simply letting us know what you use your car for, be it work purposes or just driving to work and back, can have an essential role in the premium amount you will be paying each month.

This will ensure we put you on the correct car insurance scheme, and alleviate any discrepancies further on down the line if you need to claim.

The categories can be positioned in the following sections:

  • Private / professional use of your vehicle (using your car for business purposes and private purposes)
  • Private use of vehicle (driving to work, to school and home)
  • Business insurance or insurance for cars used for business purpose only – when you only use your vehicle for work and nothing else
  • Commercial reasons – when you only use your vehicle to create an income – for example a taxi service

All of the above mentions criteria will affect which option is best suited to you, and your premiums will be aligned accordingly – in a positive way.

 Contact Details

4, Bokswin Business Park, Bosbok Rd, Bokswin, Johannesburg, 2169, South Africa
Ph: 011 796 0700

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 17:00
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  • Saturday 08:00 – 13:00
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