Pet Insurance – South Africa

Did you know that the veterinary treatment of a pet suffering from a serious illness or injury can equal to thousands of rand? You can have these expenses covered by pet insurance in South Africa. You will never have to be forced to choose between the wellbeing of your pet and that of your family that relies on your hard-earned income and savings.

What's Covered?

Pet medical insurance in South Africa covers illnesses and accidents causing injuries. The insurer pays for the entire treatment of the ill or injured pet. Usually, there is an annual limit which defines the maximum amount of money that the insurer can pay. It is the job of the buyer to check whether per-condition limits (caps) apply. This is usually not the case.

The market for pet insurance in South Africa is quite competitive so most companies offer a variety of cheaper options and extra cover benefits. For instance, you can buy only accident insurance in order to save on the premium. The most popular extra benefits include emergencies cover, routine care cover which pays for vaccinations, deworming and sterilisation, dental cover, complementary and alternative treatment cover and prescription food cover. Boarding fee cover is another useful option. It is designed to pay your pet's stay in a kennel, cattery or another facility if you are hospitalised for a set period of time.

Cost and Discounts

In order to keep your pet insured, you need to pay monthly premiums which are set in your agreement. They may increase based on an annual schedule or remain fixed, depending on the terms and conditions of the policy. Excess fees apply as well. The excess is your contribution to the payment made by the insurer. The fee can be a fixed sum, but it is usually a fixed percentage of the amount which you request reimbursement for.

It is a common misconception that pet insurance in South Africa is not affordable to all pet owners.

You can shop around to find the best rate and take advantage of the various discounts available. These include multiple-pet discount, loyal customer discount and no-claims discount plus plenty of exclusive promotional discounts.

Eligible Pets

Most policies available from insurers are designed for the most common household pets - dogs and cats. Some companies offer equine insurance as well. If you have any other type of pet such as a bunny, a hamster or a bird, you should look for the so called exotic pet cover. It is also a good idea to approach an insurer directly.

With pet insurance in South Africa, you can save money while ensuring the wellbeing of your much loved companion.

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