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About – Paw Paw

PawPaw Pet Health Insurance offer pet owners a value added cat and dog insurance policy to cover their beloved pets.

You never know when the unexpected injury could happen, your dog may need treatment that is ongoing, and your cat may develop diabetes.

Financial Back-up when you Need it

Whatever your pet goes through in his or her life, there will be vet bills to pay for along that journey.

Make sure you have the financial backup for when you do have to pay those accounts.

At PawPaw, we offer convenient cost effective solutions to ensure your pet is covered for life.

Apply Online Today

We offer online applications with easy to understand terms and conditions for all your pet’s needs.

We cover your pet from the next calendar month, ensuring your pet never has to suffer when they need medical treatment.

Everything you need is available on one website, and our staff are available to assist you via telephone if you have any questions in relation to your policy.

Services – Paw Paw

PawPaw Pet Health Insurance offers a product which is a stand out in the market of South Africa. It’s easily accessible, and transparently set out so all pet owners can understand the policy in full.

We don’t supply reams and reams of paperwork; we only give you one page, which discusses the entire policy.

Fast Claims Processing

We cover all the necessary cost elements which you pet may endure in treatment and emergency situations at the vet.

Our claims are processed quickly, and should you get pre-authorisation on emergency situations, we pay even quicker.

Save Time, Money and Heartache

We save you time and money, and cover those bills that could really add up in the event of a really ill pet.

An accident can happen in a heartbeat. Be prepared for the trips to the vet and keep your pet happy and healthy.

PawPaw pet insurance is the most cost effective and simplest form of insurance one could invest in. invest in the health of your pet today.

Summary of Services

  • All Major Breeds 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Special Breed Policies
  • Veterinary Cover

The Protection you need for your Furry Friends

Paw Paw pet insurance is your financial assistance when it comes to treating your pets the care they need to stay healthy and strong.

We cover all your cats and dogs over 8 years old. We don’t require that your pets are marked with tattoos or chipped.

Full Cover after 30 Days

You only have to wait one month after signing up to have the full cover offered by your insurance policy. However, emergency procedures are covered immediately.

We don’t mind what breed of pet you have, and there are no specific condition restrictions.

Custom Policies for Individual Clients

We will formulate a customised policy specifically for your pet, which will have all there terms and conditions to your specific policy choice.

All of which is available online through our website. Our applications and claims are all processed online, with a helpful team of consultants at the end of our call line when you have any queries and we offer online insurance quotes.

Affordable Premiums

Our premiums are affordable and we cover up to R20 000 per annum for emergency procedures. Our claims are processed fast, within 72 hours; clients will receive reimbursement on their payments made to the vet.

In the event of an emergency procedure, clients can get a preauthorisation from us to keep us aware of the costs that are involved.

We cover a range of ailments for your pets including:

  • Illness and injuries
  • Vet consults and diagnosis investigation
  • Chronic illness
  • Surgery, bloods and xrays
  • Non pre-existing conditions

Get the most out of your Cover

Pet owners can get the most out of their insurance with low premiums, and a cover which will assist with the financial implications that come with unexpected casualties which can really be quite expensive. Your pet may seem bouncy and happy one day, but could fall ill the next day.

For a Long Healthy Happy Life

Without proper treatment, vaccinations or regular vet visits, your pet could have an underlying illness you aren’t aware of, which could lead to a very sick pet.

Clients can get all the information they need to cover their pets by emailing us at email or contact us by phone at 021 403 9177.

For a long healthy happy life, allow your pets the same benefits as you would any other loved one in your family. Get pet cover today and have cover for the rest of their lives.

 Contact Details

9 Riebeek St, Cape Town, Cape Town City Centre, 8000, South Africa
Ph: 021 403 9177
Fx: 086 691 4723

 Postal Address

PO Box 3047, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa