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About – Rogz

Rogz pet insurance is a cover created especially for your pets. When you want the best care and preventative measures to keep your pet safe and healthy, there should be no hesitation when it comes to covering your pets.

In Good Hands

You want an insurance company you can trust. Rogz is backed with one of the largest insurance giants in the country, Hollard Insurance. This gives our clients the satisfaction of knowing their pets are in good hands.

Our processes and systems run in the same well known way as this specialised online insurance provider. We care for your pets, and simply want to protect them financially, should anything happen to them.

Cover for any Medical Need

Rogz Pet Insurance provides financial solutions for those vet bills in the form of accidental injuries, illness related treatments, surgery, insect bites and stings, broken bones and more.

We pay you back for those claims that you pay upfront, and allow you to give your pet the best possible care a pet owner could give.

Services – Rogz

Pet insurance could be the savings grace when it comes to helping your sick pet. Pet cover can help you financially when your pet needs medical treatment of any kind. Vet bills can be a stressful.

Just like your children, your pet plays a vital role in your life, and also deserves the right treatment and care if they fall ill.

Our Savings Policy

Rogz offers a savings insurance policy, which at a very low monthly premium; build up a safety net of financial security for those times when treatment from a vet is needed.

You never know when something could happen. The post man could leave you garden gate open, and you precious dog could run into the street and be involved in an accident.

Get Proper Cover for your Pets

You could be walking you pet down the road and another dog attacks you bot. so many factors that we never think of could change your life and your pets wellbeing for ever.

Getting proper medical care for major and minor incidents can save you a load of cash.

Summary of Services

  • All Major Breeds 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Special Breed Policies
  • Veterinary Cover

Rogz, your Well-Known Pet Care Provider

Rogz Pet Insurance makes claiming easy and fast! Our pets creep into our lives and become part of the family. They are devoted to us, why shouldn’t we give them the best cover they deserve.

Simple Pet Insurance for All

This is why Rogz pet insurance options are so simple to access. With convenient online forms which are downloadable off our website, clients can apply for insurance cover for their pets online, through our fast, safe and efficient systems.

Pay, Claim and get your Money Back

After taking your pet to the vet for any treatment, pay your bill and claim back from us by providing us with your invoice and receipt, and we will act quickly to reimburse your payment into your banking account. Think of us as a medical savings account for your pet.

How to Submit Claims

Claims can be submitted through email, though our online platform or even from your mobile. Just another innovative ways to get your claims processed quicker than ever. Rogz Pet Insurance is administered by Hollard Insurance.

The Peace of Mind you Deserve

This gives clients the peace of mind that their insurance policy is created through a brand that is well known in the country, for impeccable service delivery and the ability to meet the needs of their clients.

Rogz Pet Insurance covers the necessary incidents and essential pet care necessities when it comes to keeping your pet healthy.

We cover these items and more:

  • Accidental injury 
  • Illness 
  • Routine & preventative care 
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Emergency boarding (up to R70 a day) 
  • An car accident involving your pet and a motor vehicle

Special Discounts for Multiple Pets

With low premiums and special discounts for enrolment of multiple pets, Rogz pet insurance is one insurance brand that is highly competitive in the industry.

Our client service is of the highest quality, with a team always available to listen to your concerns, or offer assistance whenever you need it.

Advice on Pet Care and More

We offer valuable and informative advice on your pet care, and can also advise you on what insurance option would best suit the pet / pets you have. Your pet relies on you to make the right choice for them.

Be smart, be the owner your pet deserves and get an online insurance quote today. Get your Rogz pet insurance cover today, and know you will have many happy years with your best furry friend.

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