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About – Dog Sure

Dog Sure Pet Insurance offers pet owners no limit to their pet insurance needs.

We are an online insurance company, who work in an efficient and timely manner in order to assist clients with the financial strain of pet treatments.  

The Best for your Pets

We understand how you love your dogs and cats; we also know that you want the best for their health long term.

When taking your pet to the vet for a general vaccination or even for something a little more invasive like surgery, the costs of your visit can reach enormous heights.

Affordable Pet Insurance Cover

We have provided clients an option of insurance cover, that will cover your costs, and help you afford the wellbeing of your pet for many years to come.

Don’t let your pet suffer because of the financial aspect of keeping them healthy and happy.

Now everyone can afford to give their pets the treatment they need, with Dog Sure pet cover.

Services – Dog Sure

Dog Sure Pet Insurance offers a solution to your pet health costs. We know how expensive vet bills can amount to.

We know you never want to see you beloved pet suffer because of financial issues.

Dog Sure provides pet insurance options, that every pet owner can afford.

What does pet insurance mean to our clients?

It’s simple. If you love your pets, and want the best for their health and well-being, having pet insurance in place will cover those bills that your pay for general vaccinations, injuries or accidental mishaps that require special treatment or surgery at your vet.

Cover 90% of Vet Bills

Dog Sure cover 90% of your vet bill, which allows you to claim back a majority of the cash back that you paid in full to your vet.

Longer, Happier and Healthier Lives

Don’t let your pets suffer when they need help, having a cover in place to provide your pet with a longer healthier life making memories with you and your family.

Summary of Services

  • All Major Breeds 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Special Breed Policies
  • Veterinary Cover

Dog Sure Ensures your Best Friend is Taken Care of

Dog Sure Pet Insurance is so easy to access. The entire process when taking out insurance for your pets is convenient, efficient and hassle free.

Do it all Online

Because technology allows us so many informative forms of simplicity, we have adopted a complete online solution for our applications, claims and communication.

Clients can access their insurance application online from our website, with easy to follow steps, to help you with everything you need to know and do, to get your pet covered.

How to Make a Claim

When you need to claim for any procedures administered to your pet, ask your vet to stamp the forms we provide to you with the required invoice.

These documents can be emailed directly to us at or faxed to 0860 775 08113. We will then provide payment for the amount within the rates of the insurance option you have taken out.

Get Pre-Authorisation for Non-Emergencies

For any non-emergency surgeries or visits, clients can obtain a pre-authorisation from us, ensuring that we are aware of the claim that will be coming our way.

Pet owners are the voice and the budgetary provider for our precious animals. Our dogs and cats cannot speak for themselves, or provide the financial means to keep safe and healthy.

We as pet owners take a responsibility for them, and by taking out pet insurance, you are taking care of the financial aspect of their needs.

Ensuring your Peace of Mind

Should they need any care that requires a visit to the vet, have the peace of mind knowing that the costs are covered.

We cover any animals under the age of 8 years, living in South Africa. We require that puppies have all their vaccinations before joining.

With only a few requirements needed, any pet owner can have the benefits of pet insurance, to assist with the financial issues of pet care, and ensure their pets live a long healthy life.

Once you sign up, your pet will be covered from the first day of the next month that you sign up.

Claim Requirements:

  • Claims require a minimal excess of 10% and a small fee per claim.
  • Any claim needs to reach us within 30 days of treatment – in order to be paid.
  • Any emergency treatments or procedures need to be notified to us immediately (over a 72 our period)
  • Any cancellation on a policy, need one calendar month cancellation and payment.

 Contact Details

Unit 1, Forest Mews, Lonsdale Way, Cape Town, Pinelands, 7405, South Africa
Ph: (021) 551-4447
Fx: (021) 551-4448

 Postal Address

PO Box 486, Howard Place, 7450, South Africa