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JayCare pet insurance in South Africa is an online based company, allowing clients the simplest solution to getting their pets covered.

We are not new to the pet world, since 1992, we have been assisting financially in the caring of client's pets.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience in researching the needs of our clients and delivering on expectations of what their pets needed to stay healthy.

JayCare have created a range of options and plans, all with specific criteria, and addressed to the needs of your pet specifically.

We Offer Unique Solutions

Plans differentiate from each other depending on your pet’s age, breed and health or lifestyle. No matter what your need may be, JayCare has a solution that will take away the financial stress of vet bills.

Our staff are dedicated to assisting you with any questions you have in regards to anything you need to know about our pet insurance options.

Services – JAYCARE

JayCare pet insurance is the perfect option for those who really care about their pets. Unexpected injuries and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and this can happen with your pets as well.

Do you Fear Vet Bills?

A broken bone or even something more serious could bring you a very expensive vet bill at the end of the day.

Your dog could need ongoing treatment after an illness, or need constant check-ups for diabetes.

The Reality of Owning a Pet

This is the reality of owning a pet, and as much as we love them, are we giving them the care they deserve.

Jay Care now makes the financial part of pet health care a lot more affordable.

For every cent you spend at the vet, claim your bill back from your pet cover. It’s so easy.

Pay claim and smile! Protect your pets, and your pocket with JayCare pet insurance you can’t go wrong.

Summary of Services

  • Veterinary Cover 
  • Special Breed Policies 
  • All Major Breeds
  • Pet Insurance

JAYCARE offers the Cover to Protect your Pet's Health

Jaycare Pet Insurance offers customers in South Africa a helpful alternative to safeguarding their pets. We offer an exceptional scope of advantages and significant value that will keep your pet happy and healthy for many years.

Another Member of your Family

Your pet is just like another member of your family why not guarantees your pets are secured with an insurance policy as well. Our pet protection cover pets that are under 8 years of age, and need cover for coincidental wounds or ailments.

Diverse Range of Options

Our cover has no expiry date; your pet will be secured forever. Our diverse choices offer customers many levels of cover for their pets.

No pet is the same, and nor is our policy cover options. To guarantee payment on your pet bills, customers can take their pets to the vet or animal medical facility, and have whatever your pet needs dealt with.

Customers are to pay the vet straightforwardly, and present your evidence of payment alongside your receipt or bill to Jay care as quickly as you can.

How to get in Touch

Customers can contact us by email, fax or however suits you. We will then repay you in accordance with the sum or rate stipulated on the pet insurance policy you have picked.

Whatever your pet needs to remain sound and well, pet owners should really invest in a cover that will cover the bills.

Additional Cover Options

Jay Care likewise has cover choices to incorporate general inoculation, routine operations, dental work, deworming, insect and tick control and additionally all crisis situations like being involved in a hit and run or accident.

Our online site permits customers to see a full rundown of our cover choices, and what is and is excluded in the arrangement you pick.

You can work out your month to month premiums through our simple to online systems provided. You can work out the amount one or even different pets will cost.

Let us take Care of you and your Pet

All clients with their pet’s best interests at heart can find an insurance solution that meets the specific needs of their precious animals. Get an online insurance quote and find out how affordable it is to take care of your best friend for life.

Let Jay care take care of your pet insurance needs and take the financial strain of keeping your pet healthy away from your pocket.

 Contact Details

1 Myrtle Rd, George, Heatherlands, 6529, South Africa
Ph: 044 870 0551 / 083 573 8861
Em: info@jaycare.co.za

 Postal Address

PO Box 360, George, 6530, South Africa