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About Rockfin

Rockfin Financial Advisory offers South Africans at all stages of their lives holistic financial advisory and wealth management services.

Getting professional financial advice, whether you’ve just graduated and are starting your career or whether you’re approaching retirement is crucial to ensuring you reach your goals and experience the financial success you deserve.

Products and services that focus on growth

Rockfin has a range of products and services that are focused on helping you build wealth and financial security for yourself and your family. They will help you put together a financial plan to get you from where you are to where you need to be and will make use of their extensive panel of partners to provide you with the products and services that will help you do it.

A division of Transformational Capital Group

Rockfin is a division of Transformational Capital Group (TCG) which offers expert solutions in the private equity, IT, and financial services industries and has more than 120 years of combined experience. With a focus on wealth management and financial planning, TGC has developed a powerful reputation among individuals and large corporations.

One of the ways that TCG continues to attract customers is through the implementation and integration of innovative technologies that allow them to offer more value at greater speeds and efficacy.

Rockfin’s aim, philosophy, and approach

Rockfin who is a level-4 BBBEE contributor aims to remain a client-centric company that delivers only the highest quality products and services with optimism, confidence, and compassion.

Their approach to helping high-net-worth individuals achieve their goals is based on merging personal financial planning and advice with investment management and fiduciary service of the highest calibre.

Industry-leading partnerships

Rockfin has partnered up with some of the biggest and most trusted financial services providers including Liberty, Old Mutual, Hollard, Weathport, Sygnia, Investec, Discovery, and Momentum (to name but a few). They leverage these partnerships to bring you a comprehensive range of products and services to suit all of your needs and ensure you achieve all your goals in good time.

Rockfin Services

Rockfin, who is a registered financial services provider, can assist you in achieving peace of mind by taking out an affordable yet efficient income protection plan that will have your back should things take a turn for the worst.

As a primary breadwinner, your monthly income is crucial to ensuring you and your family are able to maintain your current lifestyle and maintain your desired level of financial growth. From your mortgage and car payments to your medical insurance and school fees, your salary covers the highest expenses and takes care of you and your family – so you should give it the attention it deserves.

What happens if you lose your income

If you were no longer receiving your monthly income, how long would you be able to maintain your current lifestyle? Would you have to dig into your savings and lose a chunk of your retirement savings? By taking out income protection insurance you protect your current lifestyle and financial trajectory against the unexpected and enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve to have.

Types of income protection plans

  • Indemnity value plans: will pay out a set amount to cover the administration fees for your deceased estate.
  • Agreed value income plans: Set an income amount with your insurer and know exactly what you’ll get if you ever have to claim.
  • Individual funded plans: A highly flexible plan that lets you choose exactly what you want to cover for (and what you don’t!).
  • Superannuation plans: A fund that pays out benefits once you’ve reached a certain age or infirmity.

In addition to the above Rockfin can also arrange company-funded plans where you pay a portion and your employer pays the balance.

Why take out Income protection

Income protection insurance can become a crucial part of your financial plan and will ensure that you are prepared for a wide range of possibilities in a way that will ensure you can stay on your feet even when your primary source of income has been cut off.

Rockfin – Income Protection Insurance

  • Product Income Protection Insurance

Benefits of Rockfin

  • Income Protection Cover

Speak to a Rockfin financial advisor today

If you’re looking for an income protection plan but are not sure whether or not it will provide real value to you and your estate, speaking to a Rockfin financial advisor is your next best move.

They’ll be able to help you decide whether this type of cover is suited to you, and help you select the best product and service provider in the country.

Why an Income protection plan

An income protection plan is part of Rockfin’s renowned risk management services which ensure that you’re protected from financial losses – and the best way to do this is to find out what the risks really are and then find a solution to eliminate or mitigate them.

What an Income protection plan will offer

You can insure your salary against temporary or permanent disability, illness, and retrenchment. If you’re no longer earning an income, the policy will pay the set income amount for up to 24 months if you’re temporarily disabled or 6 months if you’re retrenched. If you’re a business owner you can secure your income and business overheads for up to R120,000 and you can choose a waiting period that suits you best.

Rockfin’s process at a glance

A specialist financial planner or advisor will walk you through the process that Rockfin follows when working with new clients. After setting goals and gathering the required financial information, they will get to work deciding what your specific risks are and what insurance products will best deal with these.

They will then get to work finding and securing the right products based on their analysis and will continue to monitor all the implemented solutions as you grow and your needs change.

How to get in touch with Rockfin

Getting in touch with Rockfin is quick and easy – you can make use of their live chat system online, send them an email, contact them telephonically, set up an in-person meeting, or visit their website and fill out a contact form to have someone get back to you at a convenient time.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

I work hard for my money so I protect the money I work for with Income protection cover. The only you will never lose out.

Jackson M
— Hankey —

October 2020

Rockfin paid my full income back when I was robbed with no hassles and no delay.

Mavis F
— Sowetu —

June 2021

Crime rates has gone up its time to make the change and protect your capital. When theft or robbery is involved Rockfin replace what they stole.

Jakobus P
— Upington —

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