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About – African Bank

African Bank Limited is known in South Africa as one of the most innovative and popular banking institutions in the country. What makes us stretch our name a step further, is or ability to offer clients Insurance cover options as well as financial services.

Overwhelming Success

African Bank took initiative after years in business and decided to come up with a solution to incorporate a full service model for clients, in order to give them a solution of products all under one company.

Our success has been overwhelming, with the ability to offer an incredible selection of insurance options including funeral and life cover to suit every client’s needs.

Going the Extra Mile

We make every possible solution possible to clients, including going the extra mile to ensure all their needs are taken care of.

With ongoing innovation being the heart of our journey to creating new and effective ways to make life easier and more sustainable for our clients.

An All-Round Solution

Our people are a fine example of what our full potential relates to in regards to offering a suitable all round solution.

Services – African Bank

African Bank Limited in South Africa offer clients a life insurance cover unmatched in the industry. We know life can be expensive; coming out on a two income salary can just cover the bare necessities in the day to day living of families.

Having a protection in place to ensure you don’t come out short in the future, can be a wise choice. Should life take a turn, and one you are a victim of disability or even death, how will your family be financially supported?

If you at some point incur a situation such as:

African Bank has the insurance options which cover all of the above circumstances, and will provide pay-outs to family members or yourself to assist you with the financial burdens which follow these unexpected situations.

Get a quick insurance quote or enquire with our expert consultants today and get the best suited life insurance cover for you and your family.

Cover Loans and other Credit

Clients who bank with African Bank, and who have loans in place, can also benefit with our lie insurance by having their loan paid in full in the event of their death.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Loan
  • Consolidation Loan
  • Credit
  • Silver credit card
  • Gold credit card
  • Investments
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Notice Deposits
  • Tax Free Investment
  • Insurance
  • Funeral Insurance

African Bank Limited offer clients a full range of insurance and financial solutions.

African Bank offer clients in South Africa a life insurance cover that takes care of all your financial needs when you are gone.

By using our experience and our knowledge in the industry, we are able to support your questions, provide solutions, and offer you choices.

The People's Bank

We are the peoples Bank, with our clients as our first priority. Your family or spouse won’t bear the financial predicament of having your loan debt hanging over their heads.

Choose the options from an insurance provider who really cares long term about your family’s best interests. From life to funeral cover - we do it best.

Income and Disability Cover

The African Bank life insurance policy covers you not only in the event of your death, but also at times when you are no longer able to earn an income due to unforeseen circumstances.

We cover you in full with a lump sum payment in the event of death, and pay a portion or percentage of your cover to you in the event of any other circumstance.

The different areas of life insurance payments:

  • Death 
  • Permanent Disability
  • Temporary Disability
  • Retrenchment
  • Compulsory Unpaid Leave

A Simple Online Process

Terms and conditions apply for all of the above mentioned criteria, which will be stipulated in your policy. We have made each process of your life insurance process an easy one.

Everything can be processed online through simple steps, which area easy to follow. You can also obtain insurance quotes online

Our helpful and experienced consultants are available to answer your questions, give you advice and assist with every process on 0861 888 786/011 564 6827 or on our fax (011) 207 4774.

Paying your Life Cover Premiums

Paying for your life insurance is available through a multitude of options. We want to make life easier for you so you can pay your premiums either through direct debit order, which we will set up to ensure your monthly instalments go off your banking account on the same date each month.

Other Payment Options

This is the easiest form of payment, as often we forget that we have to make a specific payment at the end of the month, and this just deducts the premium automatically.

Another option is to pay online or through your mobile via eft, we will provide you with the banking details in your life insurance contract.

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