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About – Momentum

Momentum has through many years of experience in the insurance industry, built an incredible trust within their service offering to clients across the country.

By providing the most innovative products that meet the needs of new and existing customers, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive the best possible cover.

A Multi-Product Provider

Since the beginning of Momentum's journey in 1966, our firm has evolved into one of the largest multi-product service providers, known for our impeccable services and our unbeatable product offerings.

This includes everything from medical aid to disability cover and more. We have achieved this client satisfaction result from the way we communicate and keep things simple, without high risks or high costs.

Offering Choice

Because we are able to offer choice, our customers are not limited to a single product. In fact, we offer such a diverse range of services, you can get all your cover and investment options under one roof.

Partner with the firm you can trust, and the firm which has your best interests at heart.

We know how important thinking long term is for you and your loved ones. We have the best cover available to take care of you and your family with a range of life insurance options to suit your pocket. Invest in your future today.

Services – Momentum

Thinking about death and finances are two of the most difficult issues to talk about. However, since life depends on getting by financially, this is something you need to pay special attention to.

Thinking Ahead

Investing in your family’s future today, will save you the trauma and stress when that time does arise. The fact is, no one will live forever.

This is why Momentum thinks ahead, ensuring the best life cover for you and your family, for such situations.

Taking Life Cover to the Next Level

Momentum takes life cover to the next level, providing a security blanket for those who are left behind in a family member’s death.

Getting a life insurance quote is as easy as clicking a few buttons online. Insure your spouse and children under your life cover.

Up to R3 Million in Cover

Get up to 3 million Rand life insurance cover and ensure you leave enough to let your family cover those day to day living expenses. All we require is a simple HIV test to qualify for your cover, and we will work out a reasonable quotation in the price range you can afford.

The sooner you start your life cover, the better your premiums will be. Don’t put the topic on the back burner; get your life insured, with the company that cares about the future of you and your family.

Summary of Services

  • Accident Cover
  • Life Cover 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Medical Cover 
  • Health Insurance

Momentum invests in the future of you and your loved ones.

Life Cover through a Provider you can trust will make a world of difference to a client. We know this, which is why we at Momentum provide life insurance cover options to meet the needs of every client we assist. Through easy online insurance application processes, we can process your application fast, to ensure you don’t have to wait a minute longer to be covered.

Planning Ahead

Life can throw us a curve in the road at any time. Thinking ahead of ourselves and the people we would leave behind can be a scary thought, especially, if you are no longer around to provide financially for your family. Our life insurance options cover death, disability, critical illness and more.

Life Cover up to R3 Million

We can provide you with an insurance quotation online, savings you time and money in driving around, making appointments and taking time out of your busy schedule. We don’t require too much from our clients. Only a simple medical test for HIV and clients can get immediate life cover up to R3 000 000.

Tailored Life Insurance Policies

We don’t just provide standard life cover. Our policies go over and above the normal mundane services. We go over and above and give clients flexible premiums in line with their life cover choices. Easy and affordable rates payable on a monthly basis via debit order.

Phenomenal Customer Service

Up to R4,000 discount on AVBOB funeral services, premium amounts are fixed for the first ten years! What makes us stand out above our competitors is our phenomenal customer service. No matter where you are, or what time it may be, we provide an elite customer care through our experienced consultants for any queries, questions or comments you may have in regards to your life insurance policy.

The Peace of mind you Deserve

Get a quote today, and get access to a world of benefits and valuable services from Momentum. Our reputation in the country speaks for our competitive services, affordable rates, and ongoing customer care which clients throughout the country have been enjoying for many years. Contact Momentum today, get insured, and get the peace of mind that you and your family are always in good safe hands.

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212 Kock St, Rustenburg, Gauteng, 0300, South Africa
Ph: 014 592 3098 / 082 235 0884
Fx: (031) 580 0480

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PO Box 2338, Durban, 4000, South Africa

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