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About – Genric Insurance

Genric Insurance was established in 2005, with a vision to precede going forward in the health care industry.

We focus our attention in providing health care insurance options that meet our clients need and budget simultaneously.

The Ability and the Experience

Our quality service delivery is not easy to compare, as we have the ability and the experience to capture just what is needed in the market, and cover it.

Unlike many medical covers, we don’t pay a contribution amount depending on ICD codes and specified percentages in line with the professionals charging rates.

We pay in accordance to the lump sum amount which is shown on your invoice at the end of the day.

How we're Different

Our difference is; we pay for your health care no matter what and this may include long term care cover.

We have the ability to adapt to the modern day medical changes in the markets, and pay the providers accordingly.

Let Genric health Insurance cover your family, and save you a lot of time and money long term.

Services – Genric Insurance

Genric Insurance believes your health shouldn’t suffer because of the costs involved. Everyone, no matter what salary bracket you fall under, deserves the equal rights to good health care. We offer a number of service that you will find appealing.

Gap Cover 

We will pay the difference that your medical aid will not cover. For instance, many medical aids only pay a portion to your doctor visits, dentist check-ups and in hospital, only pay for the rated guidelines which are a percentage of the doctor rates.

We know the gap between what they pay and what you have to pay can burn a hole in your pocket. Having Genric Insurance means you have that part covered.

This also applies for oncology treatment cover and cancer treatments that your medical aid only pays a small portion towards.

Out-Patient Cover and hospital cover 

These options can be beneficial to clients who have absorbed their entire medical aid savings towards the doctor visits and specialist check-ups.

We provide a cash lump sum pay-out on the invoices you have paid to these professionals. In and out of hospital.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Life Cover
  • Legal Insurance 
  • Disability Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Cover
  • Hospital Cover

We Offer Health Insurance Benefits which Add Real Value

Genric Insurance has the experience in offering health insurance options to clients in South Africa, with the backing of expert underwriters, and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Our short term insurance options invest in your livelihood, from your health and wellbeing in mind at all times. We continue to add value to clients lives by taking an in depth view at the risk factors involved in the potential circumstances that could affect you and your family.

A Revolutionary Insurance Platform

With years of in-depth investigation into health and care management, we derived at a point where we were able to provide health insurance for clients that attended to their needs and their budget and with our business partners, created a revolutionary health insurance platform.

Cover that Actually Meets your Needs

Our clients get cover which meets their health needs in every way. Designed with the South African market at heart, clients can get their cover by contacting our experienced consultants either by telephone, or conveniently leave us a message through email, and we will contact you back and discuss further options with you.

Leveraging World Class Technology

Life is going online, and technology is continuously making life easier for us. We thought we would do the same with our health insurance cover. Our website provides a world of information on our products, and our team are just a phone call away from getting you covered.

The Role of Health Insurance

Health insurance offers clients the opportunity to claim back the cash they spend on medical bills, be it day to day payments, or even long term hospital stays and this is all a medical aid quote away.

You may think you are healthy and invincible at times, but somewhere along the line, you will need to see a doctor, dentist, and specialist or even have a procedure or surgery done in hospital.

Keeping your Budget Healthy too

The price you pay for good medical care can really take a knock on your budget, so we thought we would create cover that didn’t blow you budget. With minimal premiums on the monthly basis, you can afford to pay for that medical care, and know you will get your money back.

Added Benefits when you Choose us

We have a list of added benefits to our cover, which are stipulated in our services. These also include the cover of co-payments when your medical aid won’t cover the entire bill, gap cover, and much more.

Don’t put off good health because of the costs involved. Now you and your entire family can get whatever treatment they need to be in tip top health with Genric Health Insurance cover - apply for an online insurance quote today.

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