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About – Land Bank

Land Bank Insurance (LBI) is different from other insurance companies. We offer asset, crop and life insurance benefits to farmers who need to insure their greatest assets, their crops and farming equipment.

Farmers in South Africa take major strain with the loss of animals, crop and machinery and equipment damages. We know how hard our farmers work and how their lives depend on their farming outcomes. We will keep you protected through every step of your farming lives.

A Specialised Market

This industry has become a necessity in this country, and having an insurance company, who specialised in the cover for these farmers, has made us highly recognisable in the insurance industry.

We have vast experience with years of helping farmers reach their potential financially; buy covering them when they need it.

Expertise and Experience

We are not new to the insurance industry, and back our clients with over 60 years’ experience and over 27 branches across the country.

Our service delivery goes beyond expectations, and we aim to be the farmer’s insurance provider of choice every time.

Services – Land Bank

Land Bank Insurance offers superior and specialised  term insurance options for farmers in South Africa.

We comprise our insurance cover around your assets, which includes all that is including in the farming area.

This means Landbank will take care of your vehicles, fences, machines, animals and more against harsh risks including fire, damage, theft and more.

Taking Care of our Clients

We take care of our farmers, and understand that the risks involved in farming can often lead to the risk of financial situations.

We have crop insurance cover to protect farmers against weather conditions that may damage your crops.

Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Cover

With this cover in place, farmers are protected during those devastating times which are unpredictable, and which we have no control over.

Our term and credit life insurance cover give you the peace of mind that your long hard earned farming condition are always looked after.

Summary of Services

  • Long Term Loans Facilities
  • Revolving Loan Facilities
  • Long Term Loans
  • Medium Term Loans
  • Short Term Loans
  • Deposits
  • Guarantees
  • Establishment Loans
  • Large Live Stock
  • Installment Finance
  • Special Mortgage Loans
  • Direct Lending
  • Wholesale Finance Facility

Cover your Farming Insurance Needs Precisely

Land Bank makes getting business insurance for your farm and your farming assets easy. We have specially designed our insurance firm around the needs of our farmers in the country, and protecting what they work so hard to provide.

Cover for what we can't Control

Life can throw us a curve ball, and we cannot control weather.

The outcomes from hail, rain, drought and other risk factors such as theft, crop damage, livestock illness and so on, is out of our hands.

We have implemented an insurance cover on a term basis, to cover farmers for such times.

Applying for Cover with us

To apply for our term life insurance cover, you can contact us directly through our direct contact number or email address.

For clients who wish to make an appointment for a face to face meeting, we have branches available throughout the country.

Processing your Application

Once we have received all the documentation we require from your application, the process to implement your insurance cover takes up to 6 weeks.

From then, you are covered and will receive all the benefits of your term insurance cover.

Do you Qualify?

To qualify for life assurance or insurance, farmers need to be of South African nationality, have a clean credit score, and have security through assets.

We need to know you can comfortably afford your premiums, therefore, will need to show you are receiving a positive income through your farming.

If you are blacklisted, we can still help you if you have settled your outstanding debts before applying for insurance cover.

Experienced in the Farming Industry

Our consultants are extremely experienced in the farming industry and with the insurance cover that we offer the farming community. We will be able to assist with all your questions and enquiries, whenever you need them.

We are here to provide you with the service and the cover you need, to protect yourself from risk at every stage of life. Call us today, and get an online insurance quote. We will make sure you never run the risk of losing out financially.

 Contact Details

157 Witch-Hazel Ave, Highveld Techno Park, Centurion, Johannesburg, 0157, South Africa
Ph: 012 686 0500

 Postal Address

P.O.BOX 375, Tshwane, 0001, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 07:30 – 16:00
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