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About – Pillar

Pillar Insurance has over many years secured the financial future of clients in the country.

We have learnt over the years, what works, what is effective, and what is valuable.

We service our clients through a very high quality and professional way.

Offering Custom Insurance Solutions

Every step of our journey with you provides in depth communication, pricing which is affordable, and term life cover which covers all your needs. What makes us unique is our ability to understand your needs.

We put ourselves in your scenario and create a custom insurance solution which fits you perfectly.

We understand our clients, and their needs.

Another benefit of partnering with Pillar is the fact that we take the hassles out of the processes. Everything we do is streamlined and integrated through the latest technology.

Our service is fast, and we eliminate the waste of time when it comes to life insurance applications and claiming on your insurance policies.

We create lasting relationships with our clients, and our support services are impeccable. We are always available to take your call, and answer your questions. 

Services – Pillar

Short term and long term insurance through Pillar Insurance, will cover you when you need the cover for your family.

We offer our clients in South Africa a convenient way to make sure every step of their lives are covered, from credit to term insurance cover options; we will make the choice easy.

Cover your Assets

Short term insurance covers your valuables and assets, in case you need to claim for your car, home or anything else of value because of theft, damage or loss.

We have specially designed individual cover options for home and home content as well as car insurance to keep you protected in those areas of crises.

Insurance for the Long Term

Long term insurance options cover clients who are retrenched and unable to earn a salary for a period of time, disability or dread disease and death.

If you are retrenched or need long term care, our insurance cover will pay out a portion of your cover to fill the salary gap until you find other work or source of income.

Our disability and dread disease cover will pay a portion while you are unable to work and the balance on your passing. Our death or life cover will pay out to your beneficiary in the event of your death.

Summary of Services

  • Short Term Life Cover 
  • Health Insurance
  • Term Life Policy
  • Short-term Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance

Pillar's Clients can Depend on us for the Long Run

Pillar Financial Services uses their unique approach to addressing customer needs, through a streamlined innovative process, passionate and vibrant people, and a willingness to help people with the services they want.

We are focused on our clients, making sure we deliver on their expectations, and it all starts from the beginning when they apply for our life insurance offerings.

Interact with us Online

Clients can go onto our webpage, and click on the CONTACT button. Complete the personal details and choose the service they wish to enquire about. Submit and wait for one of our experienced consultants to get back to you.

We don’t make you wait, we will be in touch with you the quickest possible turnaround time, to ensure you get the information you need and the online insurance quote you're looking for FAST!

Our consultants will get all the information we need from you to put together a proposal, which will include all the areas of cover you require, as well as a quote on what your premiums will be, and what your cover will include upon pay out.

We Consider the Long Term

When putting together your proposal, we look at every possible angle where we can save you on your premiums and will discuss these alternate options with you. Our aim to make our services that of value to our clients.

We won’t push unnecessary products and costs onto you, we not trying to sell you cover that will have no value to you and your family. This is what makes Pillar Insurance that of the highest calibre. We really do care about what happens long term for you.

Insurance that's Easily Accessible

We make out insurance options easily accessible, within your budget and applicable to every risk in your portfolio.

We have a team ready to assist you whenever you need to have a question answered and our knowledge of the industry will keep you updated with new and improved products which we can offer you at any time.

Pillar is your insurance company of choice, we know what you need and we give it to you.

We Make Things Simple for you

Pillar is a young, vibrant team of dedicated financial brokers focused on personal risk planning. We take the complications and industry jargon out of life, credit and term insurance – making it easy for our clients to understand.

Pillar clients know exactly what they are insured for, as well as what areas are not covered by their insurance policies. They are completely comfortable with their financial investments and trust in their future planning.

And we ensure that they are aware of potential loopholes and understand the technical clauses in their financial contracts. This is what makes relying on an experience broker so valuable.

We Negotiate on your Behalf

We fully manage your complete portfolio and help you cut down on costs, by negotiating on your behalf with the major insurers. Operating from Uitenhage, we conveniently service clientele across South Africa.

Presenting a variety of services categorised under insurance, financial investments and future planning, Pillar offers you one central contact person and the utmost peace of mind.

 Contact Details

10 Gert Kotze St, Springbokpark, Bellville, Cape Town 7560, South Africa
Ph: 021 945 3354
Fx: 086 734 0902
Em: info@pillar.co.za

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 – 16:30
  • Tuesday 08:30 – 16:30
  • Wednesday 08:30 – 16:30
  • Thursday 08:30 – 16:30
  • Friday 08:30 – 16:30
  • Saturday Closed –
  • Sunday Closed –