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About – MiWay

MiWay is one of South Africa’s most sought after direct insurance brands, offering a simple way to insure what matters to you, with affordability and a simple online application process.

We offer a number of insurance options through our services, including home, car, life, and business insurance and more. We are the insurance experts, we just make it easier.

Transform the Way you see Insurance

Our business philosophy is to transform the way people look at insurance; it needn’t be a complicated issue anymore.

Clients can get all their insurance needs covered under one insurance brand – MiWay!

A Streamlined Process for you

With the ability to streamline the process, speed up building cover applications and claims, and target our client’s needs, we know we have a service that all clients in the country can benefit from.

Don’t put off your cover until the last minute; get insured today with the brand that knows what you need. All our services are available online for your convenience.

Services – MiWay

MiWay insurance providers understand that things happen in life, and  often at the most unexpected moment in our lives.

Your geyser could burst whole you are work, lightening could strike and take out your electronics, and you go out for a braai at friends and a burglar cleans out your home.

The Realities of Life

These are the realities of today, and the only way to protect yourself and your valuables is to have home contents insurance cover in place.

We offer insurance that can cover your home contents, building or a combination of the both.

Whatever your home contents or building insurance needs - let MiWay cover you for those situations that could leave you out of pocket.

MiWay offers the following:

  • Home Contents Insurance
  • All-Risk Insurance
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Contents Insurance

Simply apply for insurance online, and get covered in no time. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s convenient! Partner with the firm that makes a difference in your life.

Summary of Services

  • Renters Insurance Quotes
  • Tenant Insurance Quotes 
  • Personal Insurance Quotes

Keeping you Mind at Ease, Knowing your Home is Covered

MiWay’s home or property insurance is all about making your life easier. Should you be a victim of theft or damages to your home, we go the extra mile to ensure you get your goods replaced and damages repaired in the fastest possible lead times.

This also means, we tackle client claims with urgency, getting you your pay out faster than ever. We will advise and assist you with all your need to know when processing your online insurance application.

Before Applying for Insurance

There are a few important factors to consider before applying for home contents or building cover. Clients should ensure they insure their household contents at the replacement values.

If you under insured, you would probably lose out at least 50% of the replacement value, and only receive a portion of the value of the lump sum that you would need to buy new items.

We Will Guide you all the Way

We will assist you in determining the right value of your insured items as well as your building, as we don’t want you to lose out or be unhappy should you need to claim.

We would suggest making a list of all the items in your home and estimate a replacement value of each item. Be specific and ensure you have everything on your list.

We also offer Home Contents Insurance

If you are renting, you can still insure your home contents - this is often called renters insurance and home contents cover.

You wouldn’t have to insure the building for damages, as your landlord should have this cover in place already.

But your home contents are still your valuables and need to be insured as per normal and we can offer you the insurance quotes you need to get the perfect cover. 

Get a Lower Excess Amount

When it comes to your home security, there are no specific criteria or quality of security on your home.

If you have a security system installed you would have a lower excess on the overall claim, as this acts as a deterrent to thieves.

So we highly recommend having burglar bars or an alarm system in place.

We see ourselves as an efficient insurance firm.

All our pay outs are processed quickly to ensure there is no wasted time on replacing or repairing the damages endured on your home.

There are no specific time frames, as the sooner you get your claim to us, the quicker we pay you out.

We can also suggest a list of preferred handymen, and suppliers who can assist with your repairs, who fall in line with our policy regulations.

 Contact Details

48 Sterling Rd, Kosmosdal, Centurion, 0159, South Africa
Ph: 0860 646 464 / 0860 076 764
Fx: (011) 990 0001
Em: info@miway.co.za

 Postal Address

PostNet Suite #382, Private Bag X121, Halfway House, 1685, South Africa

 Opening Hours

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