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About – Momentum

Momentum is known for their savvy ability, to meet the needs of South Africans and drive efficiencies to create streamlined processes that make life easier.

People you can Count on

No matter what sector of Momentum you partner with, you know you are getting the service and the people you can count on.

With Momentum building, home contents, car and life insurance, you can expect the same quality, which will provide you with the ease of mind, knowing that you are in good safe hands.

The Financial Back-up we All Deserve

We will provide the financial backup and cover that you need when your home is damaged, or destroyed. With our benefits and extras, you always get out more than you put in.

We communicate to our clients, always keeping you informed and in the loop of your their building insurance policy and cover, and treat you as part of the Momentum family throughout your journey with us.

Let Momentum protect your home and home contents, you know you can trust us with your home.

Services – Momentum

Momentum are specialists in the home contents and property insurance industry. We provide services that follow a process that is efficient, simple and fast and we also offer life, funeral, car and medical insurance.

We Know that Time is Critical

We know that in an event where something should happen to your home, you don’t have time to waste.

You need cover paid out fast to get on with replacing and repairing what you have lost within your home as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

We also offer a cash back reward program, which allows our clients to get money back for their premiums paid over three years, without claiming.

Tailored Cover for you

We tailor a cover that is in line with your home contents cover needs, so you get just what you want, without the frills and unnecessary fluff with the convenience of technology, we also provide our clients with a handy and innovative mobile app.

Which allows you to claim and stay in contact with your homeowners insurance needs wherever you may be, at any time.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Short term insurance
  • Funeral Cover
  • Savings and Investments

Momentum has the Building Insurance you Need to Feel Secure

Momentum home and building insurance offers our South African clients the value and benefits far more than what they expect. We believe that because you put so much into your home, you deserve to get covered for the assets and the work that goes into it.

Are you Prepared for Anything?

A burglary, fire, flood or any other kind of damage can affect your home in a spilt second. The amount of hard work and capital you have put into developing this safe environment for you and your family could go up in smoke within a blink of an eye. The first question you need to ask yourself is...are you covered?

Replacing and Rebuilding

Your building insurance through Momentum can be the key to replacing and rebuilding what you have lost should something drastic happen. Crime is on the rise, and even alarm systems are not keeping home safe anymore. Why risk all you have worked so hard to get.

24 Hour Support for Customers

Why let an invasion take away all that is valuable to you? We offer our valued clients a 24 hour support line, because you never know what time a catastrophe could hit your home and you need your home contents cover. You will have the advantage of having our team on call for you no matter what time of day or night it may be.

House or Apartment - we can Cover you

Our property insurance covers all fixed structures – be it a home or flat. This also includes outbuildings, fittings and fixtures that are in your home. Our terms and premiums are set at a fixed rate for 12 months with no hidden fees that could surprise you during your insurance term.

Should your home catch fire, we will organise temporary accommodation should your home be unliveable after damages or fire or natural disasters.

Optional on Building Insurance:

  • Unoccupied building theft
  • Geyser and pipes - and the wear and tear from old age
  • If the land your home is on suddenly sinks due to environmental disaster

We have a home insurance plan that will suit your needs, contact one of our experienced insurance consultants today and get the online insurance quote that reflects the benefits you deserve.

 Contact Details

212 Kock St, Rustenburg, Johannesburg, 0300, South Africa
Ph: 014 592 3098