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About – Virgin Money

We want to be a stand out from the regular insurers, that promise you this and that. And we are! We keep our premiums low and affordable, so that you can afford to get covered.

Virgin Money is different. 

We are there for you when you need us, no matter what time it is. We care about our clients, and address the pain points that life can throw at you.

Our team are a passionate bunch, we believe in a number of things that creates a business environment, that are a little different to the norm. And that is what makes us special.

Where our Success Comes From

We have had an overwhelming success in the insurance and financial industry, so we know we are doing something right.

We currently insure more than 50 000 happy clients in over 50 countries, so we know what we doing. We reward you for paying on time! It’s easy to see that we’re serious about changing the game of insurance for good.

Through every experience, we learn and improve on our approach to ensure you receive a quality that is unique and a stand out in the industry.

It is unpreventable unfortunately.

Even with state of the art security systems, we can still suffer great loss on our personal belongings. Virgin Money has a home contents cover option that covers those nightmares, and allows you to replace your home contents at their value.

The same goes for fires, floods, and other natural disasters that could damage or affect your home with our building insurance. Let Virgin provide a safe guard against the financial obligations that arise when you are struck with theft and damages to your home.

Services – Virgin Money

Virgin Money ensures that your home and home contents are always protected financially with our property and home contents insurance options.

We know that a burglary is one of our biggest fears. But, in life, we have to leave our homes to go to work, or grocery shopping, and this is when the nightmare can hit us.

Cash Back Initiatives

We also provide a cash back initiative for clients who have paid their premiums for three consecutive years without claiming.

For instance, doesn’t it make sense with car insurance that if the accident is someone else’s fault, YOUR premium shouldn't get affected at all?

Same should apply for property insurance. No nasty surprises when things go wrong, that’s insurance made for people just like you.

We Keep it Simple

Our policies are clear and easy to understand, so you don’t have any surprises when claiming.

Cashback Bonus

You'll get 10% of your car and home insurance monthly premiums back if you don't claim in 3 years.

Quick and Easy Claims

No one likes to feel frustrated. Get your claims sorted quick and easy, thanks to your claims person.

Always Here to Help

Our 24/7 emergency helplines mean that no matter what your problem is, we’ll be here to help. You can easily and quickly get an online insurance quote from us via our website to get started today.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance
  • Funeral Cover
  • Home Insurance

Taking Care of your Largest Investment and Home Contents

Virgin Money home contents and building insurance provides clients in South Africa with the cover that covers them when they need repairs or replacement on their home and home contents.

Other added benefits our building insurance includes is an alternate accommodation cover, which covers a place for you and your family to stay should your home be unliveable due to damages. We pay up to 20% of your home insurance cover towards rental until your home is ready to move back into.

We Offer a Rewards Programme Too

Virgin is also one of the few building cover providers that actually offer a rewards programme, for clients who continue to pay their premiums on time every time and don’t claim after 3 years.

Virgin home insurance are always here for you, with 24 hour assistance, so that no matter what time you need us, we will be there for you.

We will provide you with our all hour assistance line along with your welcome package pack included with all your home insurance documentation once you have signed up with Virgin insurance.

Our Fast Claims Process

We know if something happens to your home, the last thing you need is to drag the process out while you living in limbo without a place to stay, or without your home contents.

We allocated a personal claims person to you, who will take your claim and run with it until you are paid out accordingly.

We offer our clients the choice of two cover options - one that covers your home or building and one that cover the contents of one's home.

You can choose to either take one of the options or a combination of both the options, to maximise on your benefits. Homeowners can claim for home contents like jewellery, electronics and any other personal effects that are within your home, and have been stolen. This cover is stipulated in your policy for accidental damages and theft.

We're Always Looking to Improve

We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle the threat and risks in our clients lives, and action them with an unbeatable building or home contents cover option which is in line with your home needs and your budget.

We look out for new and innovative ways on a constant manner, to provide the best insurance options for our South African clients.

We know how tough life can be sometimes, we know about the things that can go wrong, and how expensive having a home can be.

Why should you suffer if you are insured? We believe in giving our clients the maximum benefit to compensate for their losses.

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