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About Virgin Money

Virgin Money wants to stand out from normal insurers, which is full of promises.

And they do. Virgin Money keeps its premiums low and affordable so that you can afford to get covered.

Virgin Money is different

You can be sure Virgin Money is there when you need them, at any time you require help. They care about their clients and address the pain points that life can throw at you.

Virgin Money team are a passionate bunch, they believe in a number of things that create a business environment, that is a little different from the norm. This is what sets them apart.

Where Virgin Money success comes from

Virgin Money has had an overwhelming success in the insurance and financial industry, so they know they are doing something right. They have currently more than 50,000 happy clients in over 50 countries that insure with them, proving they know what they are doing.

Virgin Money rewards you for paying on time. This shows you that they are serious about changing the game of insurance for good. Virgin Money learns and improves on their approach through every experience they have to provide you, the client, with a unique and standout quality in the industry.

Get proper Building insurance 

Even today with all the state-of-the-art systems we have, the chances of experiencing loss to our personal belongings can still happen. Virgin Money has home contents insurance options that cover those nightmares and allow you to replace your home contents at their value.

The same goes for fires, floods, and other natural disasters that could damage or affect your home with Virgin Money building insurance. Let Virgin provide a safeguard against the financial obligations that arise when you are struck with theft and damages to your home.

Virgin Money Services

Virgin Money building insurance and home contents insurance options ensure you are always protected financially for your home and home content.

Being burgled is one of our biggest fears. But we have to leave our homes and belongings to continue life as per normal for shopping, work or holidays, leaving us at risk.

Building insurance cashback initiatives

If you have paid your premiums for three consecutive years and did not claim Virgin Money offers you a cashback reward initiative for being a loyal client. It makes sense that your premiums should not be affected when an accident was someone else’s fault like with car insurance. The same should apply to building insurance. With Virgin Money insurance made for people like you, when things go wrong no nasty surprises arise.

Simple Building insurance, South Africa

Virgin Money policies are easy to understand and clear, ensuring at claiming stage there are no surprises.

Get cashback on your Building insurance

If you have not claimed in three years, you will receive 10% back on premiums paid for building insurance and car insurance

Quick and easy Building insurance claims

No one likes to feel frustrated. Your claims person will sort out your claims quickly and easily.

Always ready to help

Virgin Money 24/7 emergency helplines mean that no matter what your problem is, they’ll be here to help. You can go to the Virgin Money website and receive online insurance quote easily and fast to get started.

Virgin Money – Building Insurance

  • Product Building Insurance

Benefits of Virgin Money

  • Building insurance
  • Structure insurance

Taking care of your largest investment and home contents

Building Insurance in South Africa with Virgin Money to provide a cover that covers clients for home and building insurance content for replacing or repairing their home when needed.

Another added benefit their building insurance includes is an alternative accommodation cover, which covers a place for you and your family to stay should your home be unlivable due to damages. When your home is not ready to move back into, they will pay up to 20% of your building insurance cover towards rental.

Enjoy a rewards programme on your Building insurance

Virgin is also one of the few building cover providers that actually offer a rewards programme, for clients who continue to pay their premiums on time every time and don’t claim after 3 years.

Virgin home insurance is always here for you, with 24-hour assistance, so that no matter what time you need them, they will be there for you. They will provide you with their all-hour assistance line along with your welcome package included with all your home insurance documentation.

Fast Building insurance claims process

Virgin Money knows if something happens to your home, the last thing you need is to drag the process out while you are living in limbo without a place to stay, or without your home contents.

They will allocate a personal claims person to you, who will take your claim and run with it until you are paid out accordingly. Virgin Money offers their clients the choice of two cover options - one that covers your home or building and one that covers the contents of your home.

To maximize your benefit, you can choose the combination of both options or take either alone. Homeowners can claim home contents like jewellery, electronics, and any other personal effects that are within their home, and have been stolen. This cover will be stipulated in your policy for accidental damages and theft.

Virgin Money always looking to improve

Virgin Money prides itself on its ability to tackle the threat and risks in its clients’ lives. They do this by providing them with an unbeatable building or home contents cover option which is in line with their budget and building insurance needs.

They lookout for new and innovative ways in a constant manner, to provide the best insurance options for their South African clients. Virgin Money knows how tough life can be sometimes, they know about the things that can go wrong, and how expensive having a home can be. Why should you suffer if you are insured? They believe in giving their clients the maximum benefit to compensate for their losses.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2021

I have received my policy and am happy with the payments, now I can rest assured knowing that I’m covered.

Lindiwe. M
— Johannesburg —

May 2021

They replaced all my stuff after the break-in, even sent a person to assist me with installing my tv with a secured bracket.

Luan. C
— Cape Town —

October 2021

We had some sort of earthquake that cracked my house walls, they sent someone to look at the damage and they are busy fixing my house.

Freddie. L
— Pretoria —

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